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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by Louie, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. Louie

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    First things first. I'm new to the forum and want to wish everyone a good Labor Day holiday. Hope no body has to work Monday!

    I have an '04 Suburban 2500 with a 6.0 liter. With the factory warranty long gone, I thought that I would start to enjoy the old beast by doing something other than filling its' bowels with dino juice every week. No way am I complaining as what I want to do now probably won't help the mileage at all. :gasp:

    I'm going to start a little project of adding some HP. I'm first going to add a cold air kit as its pretty cheap/easy way to get a few extra ponies. This is where I need some help. Design wise they all look pretty much the same but the prices vary widely. I don't want to get into a treated filter either. Does anyone have any suggestions?


  2. davzog

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    I just installed an AEM Brute Force cai on my 07 fit well, nice quality, looks good (I got the polished aluminum tube).

    I especially like the fact that it is a DRY oiling to mess up the mass air flow unit....paid less than $200 on ebay.

    Suburban parts
    Chevy Truck parts
  3. D13TRY1N6

    D13TRY1N6 New Member

    K&N FIPK Gen 2 is the only way to go..its the Z06 of Cold Air Intakes and its fuel injected..Est.12-25 HP once your computer adjusts.
  4. WoodySAR

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  5. jml1022

    jml1022 New Member

    Is it true that if you put a throttle body spacer and the FIPK system by K&N will it mess up the air flow in a fuel injected?
  6. 84fiero123

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    Not a real fan of these K&N filters unless they are completely enclosed and actually get there air from outside the engine compartment like the original factory systems. All the ones I have seen including this one are not contained they only have heat shields. K&N FIPK Gen 2

    Any filter that is open in and gets its air from under the hood is not a cold air intake. The air under the hood of a vehicle is never cold, except when you first start the engine.

    Now that one from GM has the filter enclosed in a box and gets its air from outside the engine compartment. That is a true cold air intake.

    Could I also ask that all you new members who haven’t filled out their user profile please do so. Just click on the home page of the forum then to the user control panel and fill in just some basic info. State, vehicle, things about you and your trucks so we can more easily help when you ask a question.

    Thanks guy and

    Keep it between the ditches.
  7. BESherman

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  8. TahoeFever

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    this is an awsome posting as you can see i have the K&N cold air intake it's a piece of crap. I still didnt see how cold air could be developed when the thing has an exposed filter in the engine compartment. AND it's OILED thats also a big no no ..oh and by the way i was actually able to suck a little water up in the filter when i ran through some standing water by mistake on the way to work .. had the engine checked after..was lucky I actually am looking at the volant since it's also a dry filter and it's a closed enclosure or the GM closed in dry filter just looking for a good price on the Unit .

    shop around and look for name brands that other people actually use advise you can get is from someone who actually owns a unit on the truck ..happy hunting
  9. RatRod

    RatRod Rockstar 100 Posts

    Personally I havent seen any real benefits with cold air intakes on vehicles that I have owned. reprogram is the way to go.
  10. MelbMike

    MelbMike New Member

    Is that in a enclosed box? How do you like it now? sound or HP difference?

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