Cold air intake?

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  1. Just a couple questions. Is it worth it? What kind is best? Any other comments or anything would help, thanks.
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    Look around the site and search for CAI and you'll find some real good information. There's a thread by Jenna Bear that compares performance gains by the different types (open and closed box CAI) and by the different brands. A lot of members on here use the Volant or K&N. I've been real happy with my Volant. Good throttle response gains and nice sound when you need to get up and go.

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    A CAI intake is a good performance upgrade, however, don't expect a huge increase in HP. Combining a CAI with other performance upgrades such as exhaust, custom tune, cam, forced induction where you'll start seeing considerable gains. As for what intake to get, use the search bar and see what comes up, you'll find pros and cons for just about every intake.
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    CAI's give you a little more hp's, but what you really feel is the throttle respone, much better than the stock airbox and intake tube. Look in your stock airbox and you will see "ribs" molded into the plastic box and lid. The intake tube has baffles. The main reason for the ribs and baffles are for noise reduction. They end up hampering airflow. I like the closed airbox CAI's, I have the Banks CAI that you can see on my lastest photo album. It has a huge K&N filter.

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    One thing I like about the Banks is if you look at the intake tube just behide the MAF theres a rubber flex tube. This tube is almost smooth inside so it doesn't hamper airflow, but what this piece does is it lets the engine flex without loosening the intake tube at the throttlebody. Kits without this flex tube have a tendancy to loosen at the throttlebody. This is something most people never notice unless there taking the tube off for lets say to clean the throttlebody. Just think about it, the airbox is bolted solid to the trucks frame and the engine flex's on its motor mounts with engine torque while driving. Something must/will give and move.
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    Good point, the Volant has a flex coupling in it too.
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    Performance 4 Trucks website has the AirRaid Jr tube on sale for 109.99 ( regular 149.99 ) and a $10 off coupon code ( FACEBOOK ) and free ground shipping.
    So you can get it shipped for $99.00
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    I've never compared other closed box CAI's (never thought too) but the Banks CAI for the gas trucks uses the same airbox and filter as they use for the deisel trucks, so I'm sure the flow enough air for even modified gas trucks.
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    One other thing i forgot to mention, Here are the dyno results for Airraid system on 5.3L. " I personally dont believe its gona give that much, but its something to consider"
  9. Thanks guys. I think I'm going to get one and if it put on this weekend. My dad thinks I should go with K&N because of the warranty but hopefully I'll like it.
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    Banks is having a father days sale on everything including there CAI's.:happy:

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