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Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by Kickerking817, Sep 14, 2011.

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    I have a 2004 Chevy Tahoe 4.8 and i want to put a cold air intake on but not really sure if its worth it. I have also heard that the oil from the filter can cause the MAF to foul out. So what do you think is it worth it? have you had any or heard of anyone having problems after installing a CAI?

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    If you don't have any other Performance Mods on your Tahoe now.......I would hold off on buying a getting the return on your Investment will take a Long Time.....before the CAI starts paying you back......I would go with a Cat Back Exhaust and then a Tune....before buying a CAI and the reason is going with Just a CAI and nothing else, the Gains would be Small if any at H.P. and/or M.P.G..

    Regarding the Oil Filter's that are out there.......they get a Bad Rap.....and the reason is because of those who Do Not following the Instruction's when it comes to Re-Oiling the Air Filter's and Over Oil the Filter's......I've had K&N's on all of my Vehicles for around 15/16yrs and have Not had 1 Problem with Oil getting on the MAF Sensor.

    Edit:....I just noticed, you do have a Cat Back Exhaust......Sorry I miss that....having the Exhaust along with a Tune will give you some H.P....M.P.H.
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    As Mike says, the engine is basically a pump. If you only improve the exhaust, there is still the restriction on the intake. And, there is no flow improvement. It needs to have 3 things to improve flow: Less restrictive exhaust, Less restrictive intake, and improved valve actuation and timing - cam. The custom tune may be the best in a smog world for a cam change.
    If the oil impregnated filters are a problem, then the filter cleaning and re-oiling instructions are not being followed. I never had a problem. Knock on Wood!!
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    Check out K&N's website, they have several videos regaurding the oil and MAF's. I've had K&N's on everything I've owned since '77 and never had a sensor failure. GM blames the oil on the MAF's but if you ask them for test results/proof they don't have any.
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    Thanks guys.
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    another opton would be to go with a filter that has no oil, I have a spectre CAI on my truck, seems to be working great.

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    This x2, as it said it all -- and said it well.

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