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Cold air kit

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by Bluewater, Dec 28, 2009.

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  1. Bluewater

    Bluewater Rockstar

    Santa brought a cold air intake kit for my truck, an 03 GMC 2500HD w/ 8.1 gas & Allison trans. What can I expect for performance improvement and difficulties on installation. How about noise too--is it too much? The 8.1 has all the power I need for the RV but would like the mileage to improve some. Thanks all
  2. BigRobSA

    BigRobSA Member

    You'll probably need to re-tune the computer for maximum effect both in extra ponies and extra mileage. I know a lot of times (not 8.1L specific) a good tune and CAI will net you 1-2 MPG.

    Heck, on my TBSS, after installing the built trans and converter, I retuned it and got 19-20 highway. But, now, after a LOT more stuff, I eeek out 15. :-(
  3. Jacqson

    Jacqson Rockstar 100 Posts

    Agreed, you probably won't notice any change because the MAF is calibrated to allow so much airflow into the engine and changing to a CAI isn't going to change the amount of airflow calibration of the MAF. Only a tune will do that.
  4. Bluewater

    Bluewater Rockstar

    Thanks guys. Great info. Does that tune have to be done at a dealer only?
  5. BigRobSA

    BigRobSA Member

    No. Dealers don't tune. You'll have to find either a mail-order tuner that can send you a set of tuned computers and you'll have to send yours back OR get a handheld tuner that can change your truck's tune OR get HP Tuners and either tune it yourself ( not recommended unless you know what you're doing) or have a tuner send you a tune via email to be input via HP Tuners.
  6. Jacqson

    Jacqson Rockstar 100 Posts

    Check this out. He did the tune on my rig and I was very impressed.:great:

  7. Mr Dragon

    Mr Dragon Rockstar


    Keep in mind that you may get MAF failure indictaor with some CAIs. The CAI model should have some recommended tunes on their website. I would consult with them as well.
  8. Bluewater

    Bluewater Rockstar

    MAF stuck

    Thanks for all the great info guys. I really appreciate that. Once it warms up a little I'll try to install the kit again. I tried it a week ago but it was so cold the MAF was stuck tight in the airbox. Maybe the warm will help. If it ever get warm again--help Florida.

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