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Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by Custom04Chevy, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. Custom04Chevy

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    I want to paint my front bumper and my door handles, but I don't know where to go to get paint that matches my truck. Can I go to a body shop and have them do it, or do I have to go to the dealership? Also, I don't know if anybody has done this themselves or not, but what kind of clear coat should I use? I was thinking I would just use the same clear coat that I used on my tail lights, but I don't know.
  2. 5speedsilverado

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    this is one of the things i personally would go to the dealer cause they will get the correct formula and match it based on your vin number
  3. 1st Synthetics

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    I just painted my door handles with duplicolor and they came out OK. I will see if I can get some picks up.
  4. kgibson181

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    Yeah I agree with 5speed, take it to the dealer to get paint because your vin is associated with that and youll get an exact match not a close match at a body shop.
  5. tattooed4life

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    Check around town for a paint supply store. We have one by us that supplies our shop and all of the local body shops. They are real cool about letting you know what you need and the amounts of each. They'll also let you know that painting out of the garage isn't as easy as it looks. My uncle has been painting cars for over 30 years and has ripped my a$$ for painting small things out of my garage. No matter how good you are, if you don't have a controlled enviorment aka a paint booth it won't be as good as a body shop. Be careful no matter how easy it looks it's not. I've screwed up more of my home painting projects than I'd like to admit. All I can say is the bodyshop in town loves me!!
  6. vncj96

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    i would call body shops and see if they have any half used cans of paint and if they will give you a deal on it, the dealership will rip you off any chance you can.
  7. Crakums_GT

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    Here in Minot, ND we have a Hedahl's auto parts store that can mix any color you need. All you need to do is call a GM dealer and give them your VIN to get the correct paint code and then have it mixed. I had some mixed to fix a large paint chip in my door and it worked out very well. I would suggest going with two stage if you're going to clear coat (paint and clear coat). It comes out looking more professional. HOpefully I can get some time to get some pics up soon.

  8. tbplus10

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    If you want it to look professional find a reputable body shop.
    A good body shop will be able to perfectly match the color, they will have access to any manufacturers vin code system and can get the color code, not to mention when you tell them the year, make, model, and color it wont be hard to match, it isnt like vehicle manufacturers have run a limited amount of vehicles in a particular shade and then change the mix, for a given line, color and year model they try to have the color variance as close as possible from the first car off the line to the last.
  9. Scratch

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    You don't need to go to a dealership. The paint code is on a sticker that's on the driver's door or door jamb. It also can be found on a sticker that's inside the glove box. Look for "BC/CC" which stands for Base coat/Clear coat. Next to that is the factory paint code. You can take that to any professional paint store and they will be able to match the color.

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