Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Unstable2, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. Unstable2

    Unstable2 New Member

    thanks for the sight i to is newbert maybe this is the beginning of a long term relationship that won't fizzle out.
  2. Cableguy

    Cableguy New Member

    Welcome, well come on in! We could always use someone unstable like me :he:
  3. TrailLeadr

    TrailLeadr New Member

    I thought we already filled our quota for unstable people when we got you.:tongue: <Just kidding>

    Oh well.

    Welcome aboard unstable2, Glad to have you!!!
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  4. 84fiero123

    84fiero123 New Member

    Welcome aboard, (well they are boats)

    And here I thought I was the only unstable one.

    Most of us have had these boats for years so anything that comes up we have probably already had happen.

    If not we can always learn new tricks.
  5. Cableguy

    Cableguy New Member

    Ok I reported you to the site super moderator, punk...and I called my mommy now your gonna get it. :he:
  6. TrailLeadr

    TrailLeadr New Member

    :rofl: LOL:rofl:

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