Common issues to look for on this 03 S10 ZR2 I bought today?

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    My first post here so "Hi" everybody. [​IMG]
    It's a 2003 S10 4x4 ZR2 4.3L automatic. VIN = 1GCCT19X93811xxxx.
    140k miles. It runs and drives fine and is in excellent condition cosmetically. (pictures from my cell phone here). I climbed under it and see no fluid leaks other than a small amount of motor oil from the front main seal and a small amount of gear oil from the front axle shaft seals at the differential housing. I checked for mud/dirt accumulation on top of crossmembers, around exhaust manifold-to-exhaust connections ect, and see no evidence of any off road abuse. (there is no sign this trucks underside has been thoroughly cleaned recently either).
    At one point last year the previous owner had an issue repaired involving the front axle drive engagement (hub repair is what she stated but was not sure about that). I'll try to get more info to post about this.
    I tested the front drive today and the transfer case engages/disengages fine and both front tires (31x11.50 BFG all-terrain T/A's) pull good, even on asphault (including low range).
    I'll get busy tommorrow changing all the fluids, filters ect and would appreciate any tips on issues to look for specific to this truck.
    Thanks in advance for any help and I may be hanging around here a good bit in the future. [​IMG]


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