common problems 1999 Suburban 350 CID 5.7L

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  1. phoebeisis

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    221,150 MILES- still love it- it will be 6 years this June.
    I had manifold gaskets done-2 years back
    Should have done it myself-lone story
    I have an oil leak-not horrendous-I'll have to track down a fix
    But it is still EXTREMELY reliable-Oh-changed starter also-went with a reduction starter instead of stock direct drive

    Wow-just popped hood-
    WHERE IS THE COIL?? I haven't changed a coil since 1976-on a 1971 383 Cuda (and it didn't really need it-I was just "improving" its performance(wasting $$)
    You let me know where that sucker is when you find out?
    Guessing it is buried somewhere near distributor??
    How dod you know you need one??
    PS Still love it-I'm going to be more flush soon- 62 yo SS- so I might upgraded to a 2004-but probably not-this one is so reliable-might not be an upgrade
  2. Family Force 6

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    We purchased our 99 K1500 Suburban 5 years ago with 140,000 miles on it. It now has 197,000. I've replaced many of the same things others have mentioned:
    Fuel Pump (made noise for 4 1/2 years, then just died about 4-5 months ago)
    Oil cooler lines
    Pitman arm
    Tie rod ends (don't skimp, buy Moog)
    Ball joints (upper and lower)- don't skimp on the lowers, they're a pain to replace
    A/C line is leaking- still haven't fixed that
    Brakes- strangely, I've had decent luck with the fronts (I now have ceramics on) but it's the rear drums that are a pain. I've changed out everything and they still make a bunch of noise at low speeds. GM under-engineered on a major safety component- it's ridiculous.
    One I haven't seen mentioned is the Transfer Case.
    I have the "auto 4-wd" (NP08 or NP246) transfer case which is known for having "pump rub failure". I didn't experience the leak, but my transfer case went out at about 180,000. I purchased a "rebuilt" unit that failed within 5 months and it's been a fiasco ever since- but that's my issue.
    I've also replaced both CV axles and the side view mirror a few times.
    Someone mentioned the three way heater hose connection will cause a FAST loss of anti-freeze when it busts and your temp gauge won't pop (no fluid, no reading) so be warned on that.
    I'm now leaking from the rear main and front main seal, not horrible but enough to be irritating.
    That's about all I can think of now.
  3. Billy D

    Billy D Rockstar

    98 Burb 1500 SLT 4x4 (father owned it and I bought it from him about two years ago). It has had it's share of issues which I will list but have not seen a few of the common ones listed.

    1. Brakes suck. Have gone through brakes plenty of times over the years.
    2. Dash lights near heat controls, etc. have worked on and off over the years when it feels like working. This started early on.
    3. Fitting where the coolant enters the manifold blew out threads and all. I think my father drove it overheated or something. New fitting and a re-thread fixed it. Believe the coolant ate away at the fitting.
    4. Upper and lower ball joints at about 129k.
    5. Exhaust manifold gaskets and doughnut gasket at bottom of manifold. Did all at the same time at about 128k miles but had the exhaust leak for a long while.
    6. Air conditioning has been nothing but a problem from about 100k onward. Still trying to get it all worked out. Had the whole rear evaporator and lines replaced, but now the front seems to be the issue with a leak or something else. Too be continued on the cure of this come this spring.
    7. The original alarm issue where it allows you to start the truck then it shuts itself off. This has been a battle over the years and happens once in a while but rarely. Letting truck sit for 20 minutes resets the system and starts after.
    8. Radiator got a top pinhole leak at about 110k and was replaced.
    9. Coil crapped out at about 140k and was replaced.

    Tranny still going strong and never serviced. Differential fluids never changed and still doing fine. Transfer case fluid never serviced. Original fuel pump at 151k and still going strong (however, truck rarely ever was run below half tank of gas over its lifetime). No intake manifold gasket issues. Only tuned up once at about 98k and still going well on that tune up.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Oh yeah, I had this problem too. Eventually the daytime running lights stopped working for me too, so had to spend time to fix it. The problem was a wire in the column (don't remember the color wire) near the left side dry rots and breaks off out of the connector which is the control for the main headlights. It was an SOB to get in there and solder it as best I could, but I also taped it up real good around that area so the wire does not have to move much even if someone uses the tilt steering. I learned to do it better the second time around because I have a$$ed it the first with just a little solder and someone borrowed the truck and moved the tilt wheel and the wire broke loose again.
  4. 95K1500

    95K1500 New Member

    another common problem i've seen alot with this era of chevy truck/suv's is the seal in the front differential tube on the passenger side will leak where the cv axle bolts up to it. don't know if that was mentioned earlier or not...
  5. USAF-Suburban

    USAF-Suburban Rockstar 100 Posts

    Bought my 98 C1500 back in 2001 with roughly 68K on it. Now, 12+ years later I've got 194K and it's still going strong, in fact it just made a road trip from Wichita, Kansas to Alamogordo, New Mexico with zero issues. I've done the standard maintenance that all trucks go through and then a bit more, but nothing overly excessive. Replaced fuel pump, water pump, idler pulley, A/C compressor is shot (I'm not even bothering with this one...), wiper control relay (on the firewall), countless front door handles have broken (both drivers and passenger side), intake manifold gasket, starter/selenoid, both front rotors warped within a couple months of each other, cats got COMPLETELY clogged at 175K (they were the original cats), I currently have a crank/cam correlation error code that I'm attributing to worn distributor gears but i haven't verified it yet, fixed a burst heater core hose. I'm positive there's a handful of other things I'm forgetting but for damn near 200K, you'll get very little complaints out of me. My next truck will most definitely be adorned with a bowtie.
  6. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Been a while

    Got a question-will also post it as new.
    Smelling coolant again-but not losing much judging from radiator level-which is slowly dropping.
    I have noticed the front half of the passenger's side valve cover-is "wet" looking.
    Now it isn't actually wet-but it definitely has had something wet-misting or spraying on it.
    Never actually wet-but you know what I mean.
    I put paper around that cheezy heater hose to mainfold fitting-thinking it might be spraying leaking-but it wasn't wet after short ride?
    There are other hoses fittings there-any ideas?
    221,800 98 Suburban bought 6 years back 195,000 miles-it has been a winner-only good thing that has happened to us-$$ wise-in the last 10 years.
    Going to do 3000 mile round trip-New Orleans to Flagstaff AZ in 2 months-so got some repairs to do-
    luckily 25 days-first SS payment(still work-took early 62-need the $$-it will be a HUGE help)
  7. USAF-Suburban

    USAF-Suburban Rockstar 100 Posts

    I believe the cheesy heater hose you're referring to is what I had to replace in mine. The hose about 2-3 inches up from the manifold fitting took a dump on me. But mine was clearly evident when it finally went as it was spraying coolant pretty good. Now, before that I had seen some wetness in there but never figured out it was from the heater hose. As far as a fix, it was a little bit of a pain figuring it out. I took the fitting and the entire hose off and tried to find a replacement hose (with fitting already installed) but no luck. So, since the fitting itself was actually good I cut back a few inches (right before where it burst) and had to spice in new 1" hose all the way back to the T fitting by the wheelwell. Not sure if this is your issue but hope it helps.
  8. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Thanks for the info- paper copied it and put it in my Suburban folder-I will probably eventually replace that fitting/hose.
    It looks like that misting MIGHT be an old grommet-from that valve cover fitting that sends a hose to the intake manifold-not the PCV valve- on the other side-but must be sucking in oil fumes for some reason?? It might be misting oil on the valve cover.
    So my coolant problem-Hmmm- MAYBE the gaskets or maybe a high radiator leak-which would explain why it isn't steadily dropping like other leaks would.
    We'll see I guess?

    USAF- in AZ- is that the Alburqurque(sic) base?? My niece and her husband have been stationed in beautiful Minot ND for the last 4 years-real garden spot in the winter-bright crisp cool days(ha,ha).She is from New Orleans-so Minot is COLD!! And despite being a pretty dry climate-IT FLOODS?? Windy and Bitter cold in winter- FLOODS in spring-hottish in summer-what more could you ask for-??
  9. USAF-Suburban

    USAF-Suburban Rockstar 100 Posts

    Do you mean Arizona or New Mexico? We do have a couple Air Force bases in Arizona as well as 3 in New Mexico. One of them is in ABQ (Kirtland AFB). I actually had to go to Grand Forks AFB, ND quite a few years back for a blizzard they had (i'm a lineman by trade in the AF) and they had serious power outages. Now, about a week after we got done and went home the snow melted and they had some bad flooding issues. Great place to live if you can be "weather-tough"... Greg
  10. phoebeisis

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    My goof-I meant the big one-with the atom bomb H- bomb museum-Kirkland.
    I loved that museum- I heard it was closed for a while after 9/11 maybe it reopened??

    My niece is from New Orleans-so Minot is hell on earth to her.
    It used to be pretty good-cost of living wise-get a nice house for well under $100,000
    but since the oil/gas boom-prices of EVERYTHING- and crime-are waaaay up.
    Not up New Orleans of Alb standards-but up by upper midwest smallish city ND standards.

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