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    Complete noob as in this is my first chevy truck I've ever's a 05 single cab silvy short box with a 5.3.I'll have pics as soon as I can get to a computer.don't think I can do it from my Iphone,which is what I'm doin right now and will be most of the time.anyway I got two questions-what's the best air intake and exhaust combo for my truck?but I want the best hp and the best mpg I can possibly get.I jus want a single exhaust and not too loud.thanks!
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    Welcome to the site!! I would just get a replacement K&N, I dont think that the full intake is really worth the money. If you want to keep the stock exhaust setup, just go to a local shop and see what they offer. Midas offers Flowmaster but they may be too loud for what you want. I have a Flo-Pro from my local guy and like it waaaaaaaay more then the magnaflow I had, its only loud when I floor the truck. Around town just a nice calm rumble, with NO drone on the highway (my magnaflow had tons of drone)
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    As far as intake goes, i think the K&N cold air intake is WELL worth the money.
    As for the exhaust, i love my magnaflow. its not as loud as i want it, but its got a nice tone. it does, however, have that cruise drone and has some volume at take off, depending on how hard you gas it.
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