Computer Programmers? are they worth it

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by silveradowner, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. silveradowner

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    I dont know everything about the programmers you can add to your truck, but from what I have read it seems like you have to buy the the more expensive gasoline to make a difference anyway. Is it even worth it to buy a programmer and then spend more on higher octane gass, or spend it on something else like a cold air intake or headers or camshaft, exhaust? Just curious so I dont waste my money.
  2. heavy chevy

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    93 is like 20 cents higher a gallon. But by adding a programer and a cai you are going to gain at least 2mpg if you can keep your foot out of it. So the amount you save in the end will pay for your performance upgrades you did and then some.
  3. silveradowner

    silveradowner New Member

    thanks I didnt think of that. I was talking more about performance. The added hp compared to each of them or a combination
  4. TRPLXL2

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    I have had a few different kinds of programmers over the years, Granatelli and Hypertech mostly. They basically all do the same thing, adjust shift points, adjust shift firmness, top speed limiter, tire/gear ratio change, and diagnostic functions. As far as performance on a gas truck from programmers, you aren't generally going to get more than 20hp realistically. I would go the other route you mentioned, and go with the exhaust, headers, cam shaft, and intake I think you would see more gains from that although it will be more expensive to go that way. :money:
  5. heavy chevy

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    A 20 hp gain for one item is a big bang for your buck. If you add a cai and exhaust with it realistacly you should see about a 30 hp gain. This can all be achieved for less than a grand. With normal driving you should make your money back with in the year. Plus you have added power. When you go to adding headers and cams you have to not be worried about gas mileage. Cause it is gonna get worse. You are going to need a custom tuned programer like a wait4me or a diablo tune to compensate for these types of mods any way. So you mite as well get the tuner first and be done with it beacause your stuff is gonna have to be tuned the bigger you go. Dont listen to what these diesel people say beacause they can get like 150 hp out of there tunes. 20 hp out of one item is alot in the gas world. There isnt much stuff out there that is gonna improve your power and gas milage for 400 bucks. What I would do if it were me is get a intake, a sct handheald from wait4meperformance and a exhaust and see if that was enough power if not go bigger. You will be surprised what a few mods for about 850 buck will do . Here is two videos of the 2 performance tunes I have on my truck and it is just a 4.8

    [ame=""]YouTube - 0-60 tow haul ass[/ame][ame=""]YouTube - truck video 016[/ame]
  6. willbradfan

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    I started out with cai and then went to a dual exhaust, I did not get the full power of the additions until I bought a performance tuned pcm from wait4me, they tuned the computer to take full advantage of the new cai and exhaust and changed my shifting points. One of these days i will get a video up, but I use to barely beat a new 4.8L silverado(my bros) and now I just smoke him, my bro told me that it feels like he isnt even accelerating.
  7. silveradotrailblazer

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    computer programmer are they worth it

    Everybody has ther favorite programmer, tuner, etc. It depends what you what. No tuning is going to make your truck a 10 second Camaro. I have a Diablo programmer with the 87 octane tune with my adjustments that this programmer lets you do yourself. I increased my gas milelage about 2mpgs, have better throttle responds and more acceleration. I use the 87 tune because sometimes were I live its hard to find good 93octane (usually after a hurricane). You can get the newer Diablos with up to five custom tunes. Shop around the Diablo dealers for there custom tunes and pricing.
  8. Crakums_GT

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    Personally I would go with the CAI, exhaust, etc... for now and then get a custom tune done to specifically compensate for the upgrades you've done. You will get the best gain that way and a custom tune will usually get you a little better performance and mpg than a handheld programmer.


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