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    As many of you know your vehicle manufacturer can fix many driveability problems electronically. This procedure is known as a re-flash or a reprogram of your computer, similar to a custom tune only done by the dealer or an independent repair shop that has the hardware <usually a laptop> and the software to do it.
    Usually if there's an issue and it's widespread the manufacturer will issue a TSB on the particular problem. If the problem isn't significant you may never know there is a flash for it unless you periodically check TSBs for your particulaar vehicles.

    The re-flash can repair engine, transmission, body and other electrical problems by changing the parameters the computer uses to control various inputs and outputs throught your vehicle.

    As your vehicle breaks in parts start to wear. This can cause unforseen problems such as idle problems, power problems, shifting problems, fuel mpg problems, torque converter problems and emission control problems that may or may not set trouble codes.

    Again this is why you should watch TSB lists for your vehicle to see if a reflash may fix a problem.

    In closing here's something most people do not know. When the manufacturer builds a re-flash they sometimes fix other things without posting a TSB. What happens is the manufacturer's hot line will get dealer techs calling in with problems that are not widespread. If they see a potential problem thay may incorporate a fix that is not listed just to cover the possibility of future problems. So when you get your computer re-flashed there may be several issues reprogrammed without any documentation. Or on the other hand if you have a drivability problem it may not be a bad idea to get your computer re-flashed even though there is no TSB on your particular problem.

    Dealers will not flash your computer unless there is a TSB so if you want it flashed you can take it to an independant shop,,,,,or,,,,,,complain about an issue that IS covered by a TSB.
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    Thanks for the information. My Jeep needed to be re-flashed and the Jeep dealer in LI, NY had no idea what I was talking about. My friends shop was not able to & told me to go to Jeep. I just switched computers.
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    good info, do you have a specific web site YOU got your TSB's from? and can i take my truck in, and have the dealer check it to see if there is any TSB'S? my truck hasn't been to the dealer since the second week we had it
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    Someone posted a site the other day and I was going to save it and I forgot to do so. :(
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    Thanks for the link!
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    thanks for the info:neutral:
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    thanks jimmiee
    that confirms that i must get mine to the dealer. it has very poor throttle response and lack of low end power.
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    Great information! Thanks!
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    nice..... :) i hate stealership ppl though. :(

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