Computer related EGR problems in a 1994 with 350 cu. in.

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    I have owned a 1994 Silverado Ext. Cab, Shortbed, Sportside , with the Teal green and white combo paint, a Pretty Truck I must say. I have been having hesitation problems with this truck for the last 8000 miles that have been worse in the warm /hot waether and yet it will run fine for the first 5 minutes from a cold start. I replaced EVERYTHING under the hood as far as sensors, fuel injectors and rebuilt the throttle body. The EGR is new as well. A Mechanic I know suggested removing and plugging the EGR hose to the sensor. This greatly improved the response, but I can still sense a minimal amount of hesitation remaining. In the hot weather while still connected to the EGR, it would sometimes backfire from closed throttle, especially if going uphill. The truck also has a new fuel tank, filter, fuel pump, etc. I spared NO expense. I was told that GM had Computer problems related to the EGR, and that by disconnecting the vacuum hose and plugging it the probglem would be cured. ( I'd say about 90% cured now, but now I will get the Service Engine light going on and off NOW). My question is what Computer problems if any existed, or was it just a wiring and/or solder issue in a truck with this many miles on it. It IDLES extremely well. What about an Intake problem? Any help would be appreciated. :rofl:
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    Go to an auto parts store that will read the codes for you for free, I think you have AutoZone down there but Pep boys will also do it free of charge.

    Before clearing the codes write them all down.

    It could be an intake leak, any vacuum leak will affect performance and can be a pain to find. I like to use a spray bottle with water in it, well no I really like to use starting fluid but it can be dangerous. So use water in like a Windex bottle.

    While the truck is running spray all around any vacuum hoses, intake gaskets. If the engine starts to idle differently at one point most likely that is a vacuum leak.

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