Condoms and Trailblazers. Engine knocking 101

Discussion in 'Chevy Trailblazer Forum (GMC Envoy)' started by maxumpower, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. maxumpower

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    Well i did some quick manuvering in traffic and towed my 24 foot boat this weekend. Then i started to hear this knocking noise from my TB. I crawled under it and it sounded like the lower part of the motor! So dammit! As i drive i can feel vibration when i touch the gas. As i'm driving the vibration goes away. So that night about 11PM i put it up on ramps go on the creeper and now the noise sounds like it's coming from the rear of the transmission:grrrrrr: So as i lay there looking up at the bottom of my truck i say to my self " there is nothing moving in the rear of the trans to make any noise".
    So on a hunch i take the trans mount down and there is the metal bar that runs through the middle of the mount surrounded by rubber. The rubber is gone but the bar is bolted to the frame so how in the world can it make noise? So i go to Parks Auto Parts (which is open till midnight everyday) and they want $175 for the trans mount!:fighting0072: So i go back home cursing. So my brother says "stick some rubber in it and see if it makes the noise. So as search the garage for some rubber my brother goes in the house and then comes back outside and starts working on the truck. Finally found some so i tell my brother and he says he is done and starts to drive the truck off the ramps. The sound is gone! I said "that's great! But what did you put in the mount to stop the vibrating?" He said i didn't want to know. That he was just checking to see if the noise would stop. So this morning i call the deralership and the mount is $62 dollars. So my brother tells me to buy the mount and i say "what the hell for?" He said those rubbers he put in there won't last forever. I said yeah rubber in the mount. It's supposed to be there!.He says no you idiot put condoms in it:lol:
    So i guess tonight i will have to see what he did.
  2. dwill3015

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    Gotta love Brothers!
  3. GM_Guy

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    reminds me of something I saw written on a condom machine : "this gum tastes like rubber" :rofl::lol:
  4. GoldBowTie

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    Can you post pics of the piece that was supposed to be surrounded like rubber? I can't seem to get an idea in my head of what part you are talking about here.

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