confused about towing capacity of recently purchased 2007 silverado

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    Hi everyone. I just purchased a 2007 1500 crew cab with the 5.3l. It's only had one owner and I know him. He purchased the vehicle brand new from a local dealership. I'm pulling a 4800 lbs dry 25 feet long. I'm trying to get a hard number on the towing capacity so I can make sure i load everything ok before pulling the trailer. First I called a chevy dealer in the area and they tried telling me it only has a capacity of 5600 lbs. I know for sure this isn't right. I checked the manual but it looks like they have my truck rated at 7500 lbs. So, I call chevy directly and the guy tells me that the capacity is 8500 lbs. I asked the guy if my VIN shows the trailer package and he says no. If it has a trailer package then it must be dealer installed and the capacity will be different. Probably 10,500 but he isn't sure. so next i call the dealership that my friend purchased the truck from brand new and they said the trailer package is dealer installed and they emailed me the build (if you want me to I can forward you the email). on the build it shows that the truck has the z71 package and the truck says z71 on the side of it. However, the build also shows "Z82 HD trailering equipment". this is the portion that was dealer installed and they are telling me the capacity is 10,500 too. Can a truck be a z71 and a z82? I'm not sure I trust what they are telling me. Can anyone help me know for sure what my towing capacity is?
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    Well 1st off.....the Z71 and Z82 are RPO codes,which stands for Regular Production Options,in short what your truck came with from the Factory......the Z71 is a Off-Road Package and the Z82 is the Factory Tow mentioned that you have a 5.3 liter,I'm guessing you have a 4L60e Trans??.and the Z82,Tow Package.The last item you need to find out is what Rear Gears you have.....Once you do,you can go to your Owners Manual and with the Options you have you will be able to see your Max Trailer Weight and your Gross Combined Weight Rating is for your truck.

    In your Glove you will see a Series of Letters & Number's,these are your RPO codes, would be looking for,One of the following to find out what Rear Gears you have,


    Edit.....RPO Code for a 4L60e is M30 and if you have a 4L70e is RPO Code is M-70
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    I have the GT4 and M30. i also have Z82, Z71, G80, and PDZ. I've triple checked and no where in the manual does it have this combination. I'm still not sure what the capacity is.

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