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  1. Enkeiavalanche

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    I think you will be happy... That is a sealed box right? Tighter bass better for Classic Rock. That amp always had good ratings.. You should be happy..

    I'm a Rock nut and although I have had some killer system I have been pleased with the Bose in my 08.. I'm in my 40's now and it's fine. Sometimes when dome good AC/DC or Matalica comes on I wish I had my old system.. I have about 30 5.1 Music cd/DVD's just sitting in a box now. But Boy do I miss that Clean sound....
  2. Blackmatter

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    I believe it is a sealed box. I am 42 this is my second silverado since 2008. I got a bigger camper and my 08 extended cab wasn't rated high enough to tow it lol. That was the only reason my wife and i got the 2011 one. I have had only a stock non bose system since then and I will be getting a bonus check around july and cann't wait. So do you think i will need to upgrade anything in my truck alternator or get a battery or anything
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  3. Enkeiavalanche

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    With the 1 amp and the truck running you should be fine.. upgrading the Power and ground wires would be good to do..
  4. Blackmatter

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    The power and ground wires on the battery and as long as it runs at idle. Do you think upgrading the alternator to a 190 amp one would be advised. Dc power has it for $269
  5. Enkeiavalanche

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    Use your factory one for now.. It should be fine.. If you add more 12 Volt Acc's later maybe upgrade...
  6. osgprometheus

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    I agree here.

    It sounds like your stock system will handle what you want to do. If you start with multiple amps, then upgrade until then.

    I always upgrade to an Deep cycle battery, but I guess that's because I have an air compressor running my air ride on most of my vehicles with sound.
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    Multiple amps doesn't mean he would need a bigger current draw at idle in relation to total current production (from alt.) at idle is the determining factor. This is the following, common, steps for power upgrading

    1st- Big 3 upgrade, DC is a loop (direct current, travels from the negative battery terminal to the positive). Basically, the smallest wire in your system will be what determines the max current your devices receive, if you run 4awg to your amp but your battery is grounded to the chassis with 8awg, your 4awg will only pass the amount of current that the 8awg will allow.

    Think of it this way...take a milk shake, the milk shake is the available current, the person drinking the milk shake is the amplifier drawing power, the straw is the conductor, the harder you suck on the straw, the more power you are demanding, so you wan a bigger straw right? Now put a kink in that straw, your now only getting what that kink will allow, having a big straw all of the sudden doesn't matter...

    2nd- battery battery battery, Enki said it, caps are pointless. Upgrade to an isolated deep cycle battery.

    3rd-alternator, this is the final step, one you don't need, your system is still pretty small, you would do fine with upgrading all your wires and then adding a battery.
  8. Blackmatter

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    Ok thanks I often wondered what the big 3 was. So if I put in a battery isolator I could keep the factory battery for starting and then get say a yellow top to run the amps. Of course this would be if i build a system that draws like 100,000 watts lol.
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    Lol uh, 100,000watt system would need a **** ton of batteries lol and alternators...lots! I compete and my system is about 7,800 watts and I'm running a 410amp alternator and 6 batteries, no caps.

    Big 3...power from alternator to battery, ground from battery to chassis, ground from engine to chassis
  10. osgprometheus

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    LMAO!!! That's very true man. lol

    You would have to be running a shovel in a rock quarry.

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