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  1. Weezel

    Weezel New Member

    I may be in need of purchasing a new family/ tow rig. Looking at a 96 Suburban. Its got almost 200k miles on it but the interior look nearly spotless and the out side has a few bumps and bruises. Nothing that couldn't be taken care of easily. They want $2000 for it.

    What I need to know is what should I look for problem wise? I know about the intake gasket problems, so other than that. Would I be getting a great vehicle for that price? Or would it be a money pit?

    99'HEARTBEAT MODERATOR Staff Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts Platinum Contributor

    Without seeing Pictures it a little hard,Ask if they have Carfax,if not ask for Maintenance Records that would give you some understanding on how it has been taking of.Next take it for a Ride.and see how it Runs and Rides,how does it Shift and Brake also see if the Heater,Air etc...Works.then take a look at Fluids,Make should to look at the Trans Fluid.And last take a look under the truck for Leaks.That is all I can Think of.Good Luck.:glasses:
  3. Mean_Green_95

    Mean_Green_95 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    x2 on everything that HeartBeat said
  4. 2COR517

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    They are great trucks. I have a friend with a 96 Sub. 350K on it, runs it daily for student transports. If you can bring a jack, you can check out the ball joints, steering, wheel bearings. Just use some common sense and look everything over real good. I don't where you're located, but if rust is a problem, check the inner rockers, and floor boards. Also check brake, fuel, tranny lines.

    If they are asking 2000, just mention some stuff that needs to be worked on, and offer 1500.
  5. racerx

    racerx Member

    got a '96 4wd about a year ago and the problems i first fixed were:
    1- ball joints
    2- steering gearbox assembly
    3- brakes pads
    4- spark plugs
    5- distributor cap and rotor
    6- drivebelt
    7- door lock actuators
    8- power window motor
    9- third brake light assembly
    10- climate control switch assembly and all a/c parts (drier, evaporator, etc)
    still a work in progress but the engine and drivetrain are running fine
    no rust but a few water leaks from the rear barn doors
    our roads are not too great over here in the philippines
    depends really on how much you want to spend on it
    good luck
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  6. X-Hibition

    X-Hibition Rockstar 100 Posts

    How about some details other than the year? It makes it easier to offer suggestions.

    And welcome.
  7. Weezel

    Weezel New Member

    Thanks for the help guys. Got to take a closer look at it. Doesn't seem to be leaking any fluids underneath. Everything looks to be tight. I compiled a list of all that will need worked on body wise. Needs frt bumper(slightly tweaked), possible left frt bumper(coner bent from contact with bumper), grill(bumper caused), right frt door has butt sized dent. All this can be repaired and then painted as I plan on doing anyway. I think I might be buying this beast soon. $2000 seems too good to pass up for a monster Burb.

    X- It has 5.7/ 4l60e original wheels. White. Has all cloth(tan) interior, power everything, frt/rear air. all I know about it.
  8. CarpenterGuy

    CarpenterGuy Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    I think everyone before me got it. just drive it around and see how it feels above all.
  9. X-Hibition

    X-Hibition Rockstar 100 Posts

    Drive it, like it, buy it.

    Change the fluids in it so you have a baseline.

    My '98 starts and drives like a champ. With not much care at all. Bad me!!

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