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  1. bleebs

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    I was installing the rough country 2" leveling kit and I loosened the upper control arm/ball joint bolt and thats where I went wrong. I just loosened the nut and not fully removing it then I hammered the side to pop out the bolt. I realized I needed fully remove nut to give room to put in the leveling kit. but as I try and loosen or even tighten the nut the whole thing spins with the nut. I noticed there was a alan key hole underneath so I put an alan key in and tried again to loosen it but it just ended up sliting the hole apart basically. So what I am asking is, what can I do to fix this problem? I am figuring I have to replace the whole control arm or could I replace the ball joint. Please let me know, I am just a rookie learning from his mistakes haha

    Thank you
  2. alabamaxrebel

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    Take your jack and press up on the lower control arm pushing the knuckle back up towards the ball joint, that will create pressure to keep it from spinning. You will have to tighten the bolt back up snug like it was when you started and then lower your truck back down onto the jack stands with the bolt snug. After you do that you should be able to take it off no problem if you dont stop taking the bolt off. Give that a try and see if it works. It should! Good luck!
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    x2 i had the same issue, the taper in the spindle will keep it from spinning, be sure and post some pics of the final result
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    If you used a impact to try loosen or tighten the nut while it was loose and spun the ball joint shaft alot, I would recomend checking for play when everything gets put back together. One of my buddies had the same problem and roasted the joint cause he kept spinning it.
  5. Blackout07

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    Like mentioned, you may have ruined the ball joint in which case you will have to buy a new UCA. Just for future reference, all you need to do to install a lower strut spacer, is remove the strut bolts and use a pry bar to slide the spacer in. Takes about 20 minutes.
  6. bleebs

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    Ok I will give that a try thanks for the help.
  7. bleebs

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    It worked thanks again alabamaxrebel.

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    Glad to hear it! Good lookin truck.

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