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    hey i got a 98 sierra with a vortec 305 and i wanna switch it to carburated i have a 4l60e tranny i belive and i wanna turbo 350 or a 700r4, can this conversion work and will either of those tannys bolt up ? thanks
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    The conversion can work and both of those transmissions will work.
    You'll need to look around for an ignition system to install in place of the system you now have that uses an ECM.
    If you have problems locating one look at Marine systems, 305 is a popular boat engine too.
    I'd personally go with the 700R4, strength is marginally less than a TH350 but you get the overdrive and first gear is just a touch lower than the TH350, in the end that'll help fuel mileage.
    You might have to go to a floor shifter to make it work but theres plenty of conversions available, with a little work I'm sure the column shifter could do the job to though.
    Your gonna have problems with some dash lights but a little ingenuity will go a long way towards making them act like their still factory.

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