Convert Sierra to Yukon XXL

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by Sierra2yukon, Feb 22, 2013.

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    there is also a company in TX is believe that will take any 3/4 ton suburban, from 01 and up and make it a duraburb for a round 15k or so, that is everything that it would need brakes, axles, comuter, gears, motor and a allison tranny. also I know of conversions specifaclly for suburbans to make them a dually, just not sure on which models, the last time i saw one was for a 1990 subruban, but with enough money anything can be done:rules:
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    There is also a company on Florida, Duraburb is the name. They do conversions to diesel.
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    Any updates?
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    I'd love to see the process if you wanted to try to get this done, but I agree that you're into a lot more money to make it look the same or similar. You might be able to do something like cut-out the back of the Sierra window area and make a larger pass-through between the bed and the cab, then put some type of topper on it. But the cab and the bed are designed to flex a little bit, so you're never going to get a great seal in there. However, if you want to think about something like the Subaru Brat (late 70's early 80's) or even the old Broncos where they have a removable 3/4 hard-top. Shoot, my dad even had a removable full hard-top of his old '65 International Scout (put a 350 in that thing).

    So, if you want it to LOOK like a Yukon, probably not worth the money as you could just trade in and get the Yukon for less money. If you wanted to do some type of altered pass-through with a bed cover, that might be something you could do, bolt down some seats (something like this video below) and you might have the best of both worlds. ????

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    What's the name of the company, just curious.

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