converting choke to manual choke????

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by socal77k5, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. socal77k5

    socal77k5 Rockstar

    OK i need ya'lls opinion. I have a rochester 4bbl carb with a standard choke, not manual not electric, its pissing me off, i start it the choke stays open till i hit the gas, and when i ran it today forf about 20 minutes it started to highrev and i had to take off the aircleaner and by hand hit the choke and then went back to normal.

    now heres the question, i am thinking about taking off the choke pull off and what not and installing a manual choke. do ya'll think this is a adequite solution or not?
  2. Thundare

    Thundare Rockstar 100 Posts

    yes i think it would be a very good way to go. On my truck i have a electric choke and it sucks so im gonna put in a manuel soon.
  3. socal77k5

    socal77k5 Rockstar

    thanks for the opinion. cause damn this thing is pissing me off. it starts out fine, starts up and warm up RPM then hit the gas and it runs smooth at about 900 rpm idle then after about 20 min of driving the choke brings it back to about 1100 idle, now i dont have the electric i have the choke thats attatched to the manifold the lil box with the spring in side and the vacuum choke pull off. is it still the same conversion kit?
  4. Thundare

    Thundare Rockstar 100 Posts

    im not too familiar with mechanical choke but all you should have to do it disconnect everything from the choke bracket on the carb and take a premade hose with cable running through it. Attach one end to the choke lever on the carb and a run it through the firewall and put a handle on the other end. Then place it where you want. Im gonna put mine by the trailer control near my right leg.
  5. tbplus10

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    Back in the 70's this used to be a standard mod on Rochesters and Holleys, especially after taking off the factory aircleaner and hot air riser tube.
  6. socal77k5

    socal77k5 Rockstar

    thanks guys, yeah the only conc ern i haev i keep seeing all the conversion kits with the electic dile on teh side
  7. brianj

    brianj Rockstar

    I have converted several- all the electrical crap comes off the carb.
  8. socal77k5

    socal77k5 Rockstar

    ok sounds good, i just hope this helps, cause its irritating the hell outta me

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