coolant leak, 4.8 V8 ???

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by praxdriver, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. praxdriver

    praxdriver New Member

    Are the 4.8's prone to leak coolant, mine has 88,000 miles on it and leaves a puddle of coolant after parking it hot but seems not to leak when cold. I'm having some trouble locating the origin of the leak, it drips from the front right side of the oil pan, onto a wiring harness, then gets spread by wind along the edge of the pan. When sitting still it drips onto the front axle actuator. I assume it to be the water pump gasket on that side of the block but dont actually see it leak( even when under the truck, skid plate removed, engine hot, both idling and off). Is there a soft plug behind the pump maybe? Anyone had a similiar situation?
  2. itsabowtime2

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    The leak could be coming from a weep hole on the water pump, if it is, it will be time for a new one. I just had it done on my truck.
  3. praxdriver

    praxdriver New Member

    Thanks for the reply, any idea where the weep-hole is located on the pump? I see your a boat lover also, rebuilt a 1960 18' Vanguard runabout 10 years ago, still have it ! 60 hp Gale outboard runs like a top! Maybe I'll try to get some pics up ! Boating season in western PA is limited, had it out TWICE last summer.
  4. SP10nyc

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    Coolant leak

    Yes I had the same problem a month or so a go. I would see a little puddle of coolant and at first could see where it was coming from. Cleaned area and watched it daily sure enough it was the waterpump. Changed it no more leak.
  5. Z71_guy

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    water pumps are common on these newer motors but make sure its not the heater hoses that come off the side of the pump those are also common to leak and are an easy re-clamp to fix

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