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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by TJbear, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. TJbear

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    After moving my truck this morning, I noticed a small oily spot on my nice newly sealed driveway. :grrrrrr: Upon closer inspection, I found it to be a rusty colored, oily susbstance that sorta smells like it might be coolant. So, I got under the truck and found it appears to be coming from the area of the front passenger side corner of the oil pan. It was difficult to see any higher than that so I can't tell where it's coming from for sure.

    From what I can see from above, everything looks bone dry. I have a piece of carboard under it now so I can catch and confirm what the fluid is for sure. I can smell coolant under the hood when it's warm. God, I hope its not the oil pan gasket or a head gasket. :neutral:

    Also, can I get rid of this "Death-Cool" garbage? I'm aware of the problems with gaskets it can cause and witnessed firsthand what it can do when I replaced the disintegrating intake gaskets on my mother's 03 Lesabre. :gasp: I totally flushed the Lesabre's cooling system and replaced with regular green coolant. I'd like to do the same here, if possible. Thanks.
  2. unplugged

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    Could be leaking from anywhere. Water pump weep hole, radiator hose, tstat housing. If you can't narrow it down visually, buy/borrow a cooling system pressure tester.

    You pump up the pressure and have more time to look around to see or hear the leak. Do this when the engine isn't hot.

    As far as the dexcool controversy. I use prestone in everything. I don't even bother trying to mix my own blend. I by it watered down and ready to use.
  3. TJbear

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    Well, I caught a little more fluid on a piece of cardboard overnight. I still can't tell what it is for sure, lol. Its oily feeling, barely any odor to it. I'm starting to think it could be excess engine detailing grease from the dealer I just bought it from. They were not shy about using large amounst of it under the hood. Tomorrow I will remove some things to get a better look.
  4. TJbear

    TJbear Rockstar 100 Posts

    Looks like its power steering fluid. Its a slow drip from the shaft seal down to a wire conduit that goes around the front of the oil pan. It was running along there and then dripping down. Still smells like coolant under the hood but I've never lifted the hood on an older GM vehicle filled with dexcool and not smelled coolant.
  5. TJbear

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    Nope, it's coolant! Looks like it's coming from the passenger side water pump gasket. Will be tearing out the shroud and fan sometime this week to confirm. From what I can see, the pump itself doesn't seem to be leaking from the weep hole. Normally I'd replace the pump in this instance while I was at it but money is tight so if it's just the gasketst, thats all that's getting replaced.
  6. truheel1

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    Tak it back

    If you just purchased the truck, take it back......
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  7. TJbear

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    Water pump gasket is not covered under NY lemon law warranty. Plus the dealer is 70 miles away so I'll just do it myself. If it was the pump itself, that would be covered.
  8. Loggerhead Mike

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    do you have a gm pp warrenty or aftermarket warrenty?

    gm pp will replace your pump if its a leaky gasket

    anyhoo glad you got'r figured out.
  9. TJbear

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    Nope, no other warranty. Its an 8 dollar gasket, no big deal.

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