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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by OkieMike, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. OkieMike

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    The last time I had my 2000 Silverado (4.3 Litre) in the dealership for some work, I was told that my lower intake manifold gasket was leaking. they said it is a "very slow" leak. Is this something to be majorly worried about? I have done majority maintenance/repairs on my truck myself, but I don't think I should try this one. Is it as simple as putting in a bottle of leakstop?:shocked: Or should I have the gasket replaced? Or just leave it alone?


  2. GaryL

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    At some point it will get bad enough to need replacing. It is a common problem on the 96-99 5.7's, but I haven't heard much about it on the 4.3's. It's not too tough of a job to do your self, just pay attention to where you take things off and how they were situated and make sure they go back the same.
  3. cao88c

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    Whatever you do, DO NOT USE LEAKSTOP!!!!!!!!!!
  4. 84fiero123

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    Never Ever Use Stopleak, Ever.


    It will not only clog up the leak you are trying to clog up but anything else you don’t want clogged up.

    In a dire emergency.
    Old school fix that a friend of mine and I were discussing a few days ago was the old egg stop leak trick. It’s been used for a hundred years, is easily flushed out with any common engine flush after a proper repair has been done.

    You need to do it when the engine is cool, obviously. But in a jam it will get you home.
  5. Pete95Sierra

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    those gaskets leak on all those 350's... i havnt heard about the 4.3's having a problem tho... but anyway mines a 95 and i had to replace the gasket a year and a half ago and the new one has already started to leak... it sucks... but you'd might as well get it done because its only gonna get worse.... it will take a while to do it but if you take it to a shop they are gonna charge you out the ass ( I paid almost 800$ to gt mine done cuz it was 8 hours of labor... i regret taking it there haha and i never go there anymore) but jsut take pictures as your doing it and dont lose anything and map where everything goes

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  6. OkieMike

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    Thanks for the input everyone.

    I had an estimate of around $500 from my local dealership for the repair...

    I think when it warms up a bit, I might call a few frinds/family members and do it myself. I will definately take pictures and post a few here.

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