Coolant on garage floor under power steering pump

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    It is right handed. I ended up making a tool out of an old carpenter's square. It worked for me and then my dad used it a week later and it worked for him.
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    Ok I rented the Advance cooling system tester kit today. Had to pay a deposit of $180. It is refundable so that's okay.
    I will try to pressure test tonight and hopefully find the leak.

    Pressure tester.jpg

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    The orange cap on the kit's upper case cover, bottom left, fit nicely on the expansion tank pressure cap. The cap is rated at 15 psi, so I pumped the cooling system up to 15 psi. Let it sit for 30 minutes, I found the slow coolant leak running down the front driver side of the block behind the power steering pump bracket. There were 2 coolant droplets on the floor directly under the power steering pump. Pressure dropped to 10 psi. It could be the WP or the gasket. I will go ahead and get a new WP and replace it this weekend.
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    Well I pressure tested the cooling system and the leak showed up. I am very sure now it is the water pump gasket to the block. The water pump has no play on the bearing and no leakage in the front or weep hole. Leakage is from the gasket to block.

    AC Delco WP is $180 and Advance is $120. Any negatives on the Advance WP?

    1. Pressure tester
    2. Font of engine without clutch fan
    3. WP leak at front of cyl 1-3
    4. Coolant leak wet spot undder the WP on pass side
    Pressure tester.jpg IMG_4057.jpg IMG_4059.jpg IMG_4049.jpg
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    Thanks Conlan for the link.

    I think I want to pull out the water pump first and look at the sealing surface and gaskets. It is possible it was just a gasket issue. The water pump shaft and bearings have no play at all. I may be able just to get the gaskets for the two machined surfaces behind the water pump.

    WP gasket.jpg
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    Btw, well doing this before you remove you should flush the coolant with a product like Prestone Super Flush so it cleans out all the contaminants in the system. You can get the gaskets at any auto parts store usually. I feel bad that your water pump is so much... Mine is only $43 on amazon for the Delco.
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    Nothing wrong with the advance one. That is what I used. You can get 30% discounts by ordering on their site and picking up at the store. Just make sure you get the correct one. There are two different models with two different thermostat housings. It never fails that you get the wrong one the first time. I have been told by a few people to not use the gaskets included and spend the $8 to upgrade to the felpro gaskets. Buying on amazon is risky on this one. there are two different pumps that will fit your truck. Both will come up as a good match. One uses a 2 bolt thermostat housing and one uses a 3 bolt housing. I have changed these pumps before. I have spent half a day driving around trying to get the correct pump and a correct thermostat. I would not buy this on amazon, unless you you have another vehicle to use while you wait for the correct part to show up, if they ship the wrong one.

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    you can just buy the gaskets. There is also a kit that replaces the oring on the back of the pump.

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    From what it looks like Delco only sells the 3 bolt one on amazon. In the description of the part it says to use the 2004 thermostat.
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    Ok, I got sidetracked doing some errands. I will probably remove the WP tomorrow to inspect the gaskets. I have the 2-bolt thermostat housing.
    Jeez, the Felpro gaskets are $20 for two and $2 for the thermostat O-ring. That's almost $25 just for the gaskets and O-rings.
    I will just get the WP that comes with the gaskets.
    Pikey, what is wrong with the gaskets that come with the WP?

    Thanks guys.

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    Ok, got the water pump off. Had to remove the belt tensioner first, hoses then the WP.

    Look at the old wp, weep hole is dry. It was a gasket failure. The block machined surfaces got rusted from the coolant leak.

    IMG_4067.jpg IMG_4070.jpg IMG_4068.jpg IMG_4069.jpg

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    What is the torque on the WP bolts?
  10. bazar01

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    Cleaned up the block surface and installed a reman WP from Advance. Put 2 gallons of 50/50 Dexcool coolant.

    WP bolts torque is 21 ft-lbs.
    !st stage tightening sequence at 14 ft-lbs and final at 21 ft-lbs.

    IMG_4075.jpg IMG_4076.jpg IMG_4077.jpg

    I also replaced the tensioner pulley. The bearing is very noisy.

    I ran the engine up to temp and cooled it down twice and top up with coolant.

    I checked the garage floor this morning and it is dry.

    Not too bad for a weekend repair job.

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