Coolant smell-mist on passengers side valve cover(maybe)

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    Almost all of 635 is messed up its being turned into tollway.
    Most major roads in the area have been turned over to NTTA and are under construction.
    I might have told ya before the best route through the area is continue 20 when you hit Dallas exit on north 820/287 in Arlington 1.5 miles later exit north 287 about 8 miles later exit north I35 towards Denton about 10 miles up is the exit for north 287. A lot less drama and most of the route is light traffic.
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    Thanks.I just copied that info.I think you did tell me this-several years back-but since we weren't going anywhere -broke-(last trip 2008) I didn't copy it.
    NTTA ??? Who is that??
    Don't tell me it is some for profit corp-that will now control the roads-making them toll roads???

    Our CS SOB GOV tried to raise sales tax to 11% here recently.
    Yeah-dump the income tax-increase sales tax.
    Yeah Bobby Jindal-SOB- said it was fair since it only taxed consumption.
    Fine for the very affluent-they can change decrease their consumption-the not so rich-not so good-they really can't change their consumption.
    Anyway-the affluent will just buy online-dodge sales taxes-just like I do as much as possible now.

    Oh well-I'm ranting.
    Guess I had better check to see if that rest stop in Childress-hY 287 maybe 150 E of Amarillo-is still open.
    I heard TX closed many of them during the 2008 downturn??
    Heavily used by truckers-and we sleep there-so better find out.
    I wonder what site would tell me about TX hy rest stops??
    It was the cleanest best rest stop I have ever visited! Middle of nowhere-but spanking clean-nice displays of TX History-agri tools etc-nice real tile.

    PS Got out Rand McNally-so that southern route is better than I635-good to know-I wasn't a fan of I-635E/W is was miserable-folks switching 5 lanes at a time-1 hour of NO FUN!!
    We would get on about Exit 1 then exit exit 27-
    Double thanks1
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    NTTA North Texas Toll Authority an internet search will show you the sad tale of state goverment sponsored program bloated with its own authority and attempting to bully the very people it was designed to serve.
    Not sure if Childress rest stop is still open. A lot didnt make the cut and were closed as cost saving measures. I mean you cant really put a price on safety so why try. Makes it easier to cut snd close.
    Try this site.
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    Thanks. I found it-nice pictures too.It is actually east of Childress-in Hardemon County.
    No mention of it being closed. So we lucked out I hope-pretty pictures too-nice displays-beautiful rest stop.Love traveling in my Suburban.
    Now I would have ZERO objection to paying $3-$5 for stopping at a rest area.But those stupid toll roads-makes no sense.
    Someone somehow-has to collect the tolls-meaning some tag credit card or even a booth.Gotta pay those folks to do that-and if it is for profit-guys at top and investors-have to cream off a big chunk-so very little actually goes to maintaining roads-even pure for profit roads-end up with GOV workers-and their pensions-being involved-pointless.Somethings should remain tax burdens for everyone-roads being one.See you guys have an 85 mph toll road??
    Suburban-my 98-would be distinctly uncomfortable/unsafe at 85 mph-not stable enough-too tall-cars-yeah some of them just fine at 85 mph-Maybe a later model Suburban-but not my 98.

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