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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by Googenheimer, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. Googenheimer

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    When I first bought this truck the gauges were all giving weird indications. The oil pressure was way low along with the voltage and RPMs. I found out that it was due to a loose ground wire running from the negative terminal. I tightened that up and all of the gauges now appear normal except the Coolant Temp gauge.
    My truck's temperature never seems to go above what I would guess is 160-170 as indicated on the dash and the truck performs better cold than when warmed up. I just replaced my thermostat thinking that it was to blame. No Change. The temperature still only tops out at about 170 degrees. I will replace the coolant temp sensor next. My question is could this be the cause of my trucks lack of power at temperature?
  2. Stealth

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    can you give us more info on your truck and mods it might have? that would help
  3. Googenheimer

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    Oh yeah, sorry about that. 1994 Chevy K2500 350 5.7 TBI. No mods.
  4. Googenheimer

    Googenheimer New Member

    Ok, so here's an udpdate. I replaced the coolant temperature sensor& nothing has changed. The truck seems to warm up fine (it doesn't take forever for the heat to blow hot), but the temp gauge shows the same reading between 160-170. Now I'm pretty sure that the loss of power is because cat is clogged. And I'm guessing that it's clogged because the truck is running rich due to the temperature reading. So here are a couple questions. What might be causing the weird reading and does the ECM get it's reading directly from the sensor or is it receiving the same reading that I'm getting on the dash. I would like to find out what is causing the problem before putting in a new cat and having it go bad again. Any ideas?

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