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Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by MrShorty, Dec 5, 2013.

  1. MrShorty

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    Advertisers are always saying things to get people's attention, and the automotive marketplace in particular can be very competitive. All that said, someone advertising Toyota Scion's on the radio was encouraging people to drive "the coolest car on the road." Really? Maybe I'm a little too old or too old-fashioned to enter into the debate, but I don't think anything from Toyota would make my list of candidates for "coolest car on the road." Not that Toyota's aren't good cars, but when I think of "cool cars", I think maybe of classic Detroit muscle cars like Mustangs, Corvettes, or Chargers. Maybe include the Nissan Z series. I also would think of exotics like Lamborghini or Porsche. Or maybe as I get older throw in some classic luxury names like Jaguar or BMW or Cadillac.

    But Toyota Scion?? It may be a good car and maybe I'm getting old, but I just can't see it being anywhere close to the "coolest car on the road."
  2. Camaro69car

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    I got some cool car pics to post up here... when I'm not chained to my desk at work.
  3. Pikey

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    I guess "cool" is relative. My brother in law, who considers himself a "hipster" and is big in the indie music scene has a scion Xb. He loves it. Among other members of that group that is considered a really cool car. I like to think of it as a toaster on wheels. I would not consider it a cool vehicle by any means. What I consider cool: newer corvettes, vipers, chargers, camaro and of course the classic versions of the mentioned vehicles. What is kinda funny is that he considers those vehicles cool also. He probably would not know how to start one if he sat in it, but he thinks they are cool. My wife's 2013 caravan= not cool :) Practical? yes. Cool? No way!
  4. summitwhite11

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    I think they may have been targeting a certain demographic age group, which would not include us muscle car and exotic car guys. I think they are targeting those who want the bass in the stereo to be heard in the next county, and those with the 4 banger turbo small cars with the big fart box exhaust that slide them around hollering check out my power and handling. I think they are funny looking goof ball cars my self, but back in my youth, I can remember picking up a new 396 ss chevelle, taking it straight to buddy rice who was the premier engine builder for a shot of horse power and torque, then to jim blowlands, bo's performance who built dragsters for tranny and rear end gearing, then to city spring to get the suspension right, then to jos esco for u.s. indy mags and daytona tires, then to radio shack for a new state of the art kraco stereo and a set of rear deck kraco 6x9's, the ole man shaking his head and saying why would you screw up a perfectly good new car like that. lol. I seem to recall doing the same drill to a 63 impala with a 327, then onto a road runnner 383 magnum, and a coronet gtx . So as much as that generation didnt understand why I was wasting money ( as they put it) on my cars, I to dont understand why they are wasting money on those little fart box's. I must be out of touch with todays youth.
  5. USAF-Suburban

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    I am and always have been a truck guy but if I had the money I would definitely buy one of these beautiful machines, an Aston Martin Vanquish. By far the coolest car on the road today. I love everything about this car, it's absolutely perfect. You want to make a grown man/gearhead cry? Just go ahead and google/youtube the exhaust sound on this. It's a thing of mechanical beauty. vanquish-1.jpg
  6. dfhollums

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    My wife has the exact same sentiments! She likes her Suburban and hopefully I can get her a newer one someday soon, but she wants an Aston, silver too!
  7. USAF-Suburban

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    I wish that I could afford one but the military just doesn't pay enough :) It's probably for the best, even if I did own one I don't think I'd ever see it. I don't think my wife would never drive her truck anymore...
  8. GeorgiaZ71

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    It's all advertising. Of course nobody actually would look at a Corvette or Shelby GT500 or Aston Martin and then look at a Scion and actually think the Scion is cool. But that is what Toyota will get young adults who can only afford a $15k car to buy it. After living in Detroit and working for GM and Ford Motor for over 12 years...I would never buy a Foreign car ...but that is a whole different topic.

    Sidenote - I know someone who has a scion and after riding's complete garbage. It feels (and is!) so cheap. My friend broke the center console getting in the car in the first year. Had it fixed, and it broke again. It's like unless you are a 105lb teenage are going to break the car.

    What do I think is cool...well, besides all the obvious muscle and sports cars... I think the Avalanche is a really cool vehicle. I think the Hummer SUT's (H2T and H3T) are so cool. Jeep Wranglers are cool to me. I have heard rumors that Jeep is going to make a Wrangler pickup... I can't wait to see what that looks like.
  9. Conlan Rose

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    I know others wouldn't see my old Tahoe as cool, but I think its the coolest and most perfect vehicle you can own for $3,500. Its powerful, tough, big and luxurious.I love every second of driving the behemoth even with its lose steering, poor MPG, and big turning radius.
  10. the phantom

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