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    This is a good summer time topic

    Does anyone know what is the minimum CFM GM engine fans are at?
    (V8s only, of course)
    I just bought a 3,000 cfm fan and, It let the truck overheat.

    I gained 4mpg though, so I would rather not go back to the almost 6lbs of mechanical fan robing horse power.

    I figure the stock fan, in full clutch-lock probably pulls 4,000 cfm... at least.
    so now its either back to stock; or buy another fan, put them together, and suck 6,000 cfm (and possibly small birds) through the front...


    I found it.
    needs to be a bare min of 5,000 cfm
    over 5,500 CFM if your towing.....
    I had no idea that much air needs to pass through the grill, condenser, and radiator, etc.
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