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  1. dsfloyd

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    Ok so to start off I have done tons of searching on tires and have found some good information and reviews and now I am turning to my fellow gmtruckclubbers for further advice. Here are the two tires I am leaning towards at this time. The first is the Cooper discoverer ST (not the STT, a bad ass looking tire but not at this time). and the other is the goodyear duratrac. I have heard nothing but positives out of the ST's (but limited reviews compared to the beefier STT). The reviews on the Duratrac have also been good with complaints about the side wall stiffness even with the E rating. Not too worried about the side wall complaints as over the last 1 1/2 years I have run 315/75/16 Kumhos on the 6.5" wide stock rim. with the tires pinched in as much as they are i am sure anything will be a stiffer sidewall as I will be buying 16x8 rims as well. Tire price is similar as I can get them for between $220-$230 each (315/75/16). I like the fact that the duratracs have an E rating (3890 lbs at 65psi) but even the D rated coopers are 3190lbs at 50psi which is higher than the stock E rated tires. the Duratracs also have the severe weather rating.Here are the two tires with pros and cons from what I have read and just want to know peoples opinions runnig the tires (tread life, off road, pavement, rain, etc). I think I saw redneckarmymp say he has had his cooper's for 65k, but i havent seen much mileage claims or the duratracs as they are still fairly new. Both these tires are AT/MT hybrids. I do mostly highway driving and live in southern California. I dont get to play in the fun stuff except when i make it to Northern California but still want tires that will handle well when I get to play. Dont do a ton of towing but do it occasionally (better to be prepared) Sorry for such a long post.

    Cooper ST

    Load Range D
    Section Width 12.87
    Diameter 34.6
    Tread Width 10
    Max Load 3195
    Tread Depth 20/32

    Pros: Great traction on and off road, good in mud, rocks, quiet on road, good wet traction (better with added siping), good in the snow. 20/32" tread depth. Treadwear?

    Cons: Havent found any yet

    Goodyear Duratrac
    Load Range E
    Section Width 12.3
    Diameter 34.6
    Tread Width 10.2
    Max Load 3860
    Tread Depth 18/32

    Pros: Has Severe weather rating. good on and off road performance, good snow traction, quiet ride, pretty much the same as the cooper

    Cons: soft sidewall. Not sure on mileage (newer tire). On the heavier trucks seems to be a little squirly at first, but seems to go away.

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  2. ajarman

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    I have the GY DuraTracs and I love them! I have had them about 15k miles in a 265 70 17 on stock wheel and they have work flawlessly for me. I commute 35 miles 5 days a week and that is 1 way. I am just now starting to see the tires to start showing wear and I rotating them every 3k miles. I have been in clay and mud and the tires clean out like you would not believe. (now keep in mind the most aggresive tire I have ever owned was BFG KO's) In short....the GY's get my vote!
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  3. Bigbomber

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    I would also go with the DuraTracs,i've heard alot of good things about them including the fact that they have great traction in the snow.
  4. dsfloyd

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    Thanks. thats what I'm looking for from people that have used them since I do a similar commute (about 30 miles each way 5-6 days a week). So I put on about 18k-20k miles a year. I know theres always a trade off with mileage and aggressive tires, just want to maximize mileage so I'm not buying every year. The duratracs only came out a year and a half ago so long term mileage has been hard to find but so far have heard good things like your mileage.

    Also not to divert from the original question, these are the two wheels I am looking at to go with the truck and tires. both are 16x8

    top choice: Vision Warrior
    Backspace 4.22" Offset -6mm Hub bore 126

    second choice: VTECH Raptor
    Backspace 5.2 offset +18mm hub bore 126
    Backspace 4.22 Offset -6mm hub bore 126
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  5. ajarman

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    I ran into the same problem when I was doing my research on the GY's. I could not find anybody that had run the tires for more than 5k miles. I did not even see them in person until the day I got them mounted and I could not have been happier.

    Is your top pick the Vision Warrior wheel?? I would go with that one for sure!!!
  6. dsfloyd

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    yeah its the vision warrior. the second is the vtech raptor (also made by vision wheels) sorry forgot that part. I have found with the GY people love them or hate them almost no in between.
  7. dsfloyd

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    ok not gonna lie, this is just a selfish bump to to the top of the front page.:whip:
  8. TRPLXL2

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    My boyfriend just put COOPER ST's on his truck in the 31" size, and I was really impressed with how much they look and handle like my old BFG's. I just bought a set of 225/75/15 COOPER ST's for my S-10 last week as well, I have yet to put a mile on them but I was happy with the $69 each price tag LOL! I lloked at the Duratrac for my Silverado, and I felt they were overpriced for what was there but that's just me.
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  9. ajarman

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    Dsfloyd, you pick the tire & wheel combo yet??
  10. dsfloyd

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    $69 apiece, must be nice. the coopers for me are $227 the cheapest and the GY's are $220.:no:

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    I am getting close to the 4/32 depth so I have a couple months (I will probably buy sooner). The rain doesnt really come until almost January down here. Plus I will probably have to order either tire (havent seen any cooper st's or GY in stock at most places here). I will definately post up pics when I get them. I have to finish squirling away the pennies (will be about $1800 out the door once you add in road hazzard, disposal etc etc etc) as I also need to get tires for the wifes car and we just had to put a new tranny in her car a week ago (made it even better since I had to pay the stealership to do it).

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