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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by plowxman, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. plowxman

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    anyone put one of these in the NNBS?
    recieved mine today and it seems so difficult but everyone says its easy
  2. bzboardco

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    not sure if there is a difference but I installed one on my 02 silverado. It wasn't hard at all to install, but I do recommend two people. Also if you have access to a lift (makes it easier)..jack stands should work. You also need a little trans fluid because when you pop it out you will loose maybe a half quart. I believe the hardest part was...there is a spring on the back of the servo that the pin slides through that was kinda aggravating (had to use a mirror to line it up), but most people say it is the slip ring that holds the cover on. It really does only take like 30 min to do. Hope that helps :glasses:

    Tools required
    Pry bar (to push in the servo to get ring off and put ring on)
    C-Clamp (compress spring to change out part of the servo..once out of truck)
    Mirror (optional) (to line up pin and spring)
    Flathead Screwdriver (helps with the slip ring)
    1 quart trans fluid

    Not sure if yours have it but there is a heat shield that covers the servo in the truck you will have to remove it first


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