Corvette's Skull logo a winner

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    Skull Success
    Corvette C6.R logo celebrates anniversary[​IMG]
    AutoWeek | Published 06/15/07, 1:34 pm etYou’ve probably seen it on hats, T-shirts, cars, and even people: a devilish skull with sharp eyes and four teeth. If you look closely, you will notice that those eyes are actually Corvette’s double-flag emblem.

    The brainchild of creative designer Eddie Jabbour of Kick Design, the logo was intended to help make Corvette “cool” to younger generations, but it has attracted Corvette lovers of every age and became a merchandise phenomenon. Besides appearing on larger areas of Corvette Racing’s C6.Rs, the skull can now be spotted on T-shirts, signs, stickers, tattoos, jewelry, and even its own Corvette-funded Web site: The site, managed by Jabbour’s team when he’s on other business, attracted 150,000 hits last year, allowing ‘Vette enthusiasts to share pictures of their own skull creations and purchase merchandise—a lot of it.

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