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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by ssilverado, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. ssilverado

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    Hi guys,
    So the other day I was driving along and hit a pot hole, and of course with my luck a wheel weight or two fell of both front tires. At this point my truck already wobbles and shakes when getting upwards into highway speeds so the loss of a few OZs really threw off my balancing. Well to cut to the chase, I attempted to re-balance them myself but it still has a little annoying vibrate that wont go away. So I did my homework and decided to invest in some counteract beads to see how they are. I literally JUST placed the order and hopefully they will be here within the week and I will keep you folks posted on how well they perform.
    If you have any questions or comments about beads, feel free to post them, seeing as i only found 3 other threads on here that remotely bring up the talk about balancing beads.
    For the record, I have General Grabber AT2 size 315/75/16 with black soft 8 steel rims.

    I hope to hear any criticism or remarks about the pros and cons of self balancing tire beads from you guys so dont hold back now.
  2. ssilverado

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    Okay so before I start, I would like to state that I am in no way affiliated with any company or organization trying to 'sell' anyone anything, I am only in the business of giving information
    So with that out of the way, Counteract Balancing Beads, they are AMAZING! I took my truck to my shop, popped off all the old lead weights(there were quite a lot) and performed a routine balancing with the lead weights but only sticking them on the back of the rim.
    Reason for this is, during a regular tire balancing, my rims would easily break over 6oz of weights each, and since i only bought the 6oz bag of beads for each tire, i decided to add weights to the inside to bring that number down a little below 4 oz, and let the beads take care of the rest.
    After placing the lead weights only on the back of the rim, i broke the bead of my tire and dumped the bag inside and filled it up with air. They say that you can pour the beads in through the valve with the stem removed, but with 6oz of beads, it seemed like it would take forever.
    After all that and mounting them again, I took my truck out and drove it pretty smoothly so the beads could find their proper position before I took it out on the highway (not recommended by counteract, just my .02 on the idea of beads). Normally right around 55-65mph, i would get enough of a vibration that would shake my passenger seat with no one sitting in it. with the combination of lead weights AND the balancing beads, i don't have ANY shaking untill about 75mph, which is still hardly anything, and i blame that on my EXTREMELY out of wack right rear rim and normal wear and tear of my shocks. Im nearly positive though that with rims that aren't in bad a shape as mine (everyone else's rims basically) the ride would be first class.

    Well that's my experience with Counteract Balancing beads, and what a great experience it is.

    Also, They perform fine on gravel roads, like REALLY bumpy gravel roads.
  3. 2wheelmudder

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    thanks for the info, i was looking at the dyna beads because im not a fan of the weights, im definately looking into getting balancing beads, where did you buy counteract beads?
  4. tbplus10

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    I've been using Dyna Beads on my Tacoma for a couple years, 35" tires normally require a lot of weight to balance out and after every off-road session I was having to visit the tire shop, I got a lifetime balance warranty on the tires so it wasnt costing me anything but the tire shop I have the warranty with is 35 miles from the house so it was a pain getting the truck over there. With the Dyna beads I havnt visited the shop in quite a while.
  5. ssilverado

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    I simply purchased mine off ebaymotors. it was $15 per 6oz bag which included the new valve stem, cap, and a valve applicator per every purchase, but not technically per bag. I know its different depending on where you live but i got mine delivered by the 2nd business day.
  6. murdog94

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    Hmm i really hadnt heard much about them, but thanks for the input.. and yes with big tires i can see the need for alot of weight.
  7. ahm1127

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    Thanks for the info, I was also thinking about them before.
  8. SurrealOne

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