Couple of NBS/SS and NNBS things for sale

Discussion in 'Chevy Parts eBay' started by JAKD-UP, Jun 30, 2010.

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    Silverado SS wing/cap painted factory black. Has a few scratches on the inside of it (facing the cab) but the outside and top are in good shape.
    $150 OBO.
    OEM smooth tailgate cap. Perfect for anyone wanting to sand it down and have it painted. I think these fit the NNBS too.
    03-07 fogs w/bulbs. Was going to add them to my SS but once I got one mounted up I didn't care for the way it looked. Had to grind some plastic on that one where they bolt up but it wasn't much.Will never see it once installed. I'll take pics if interested.
    Street Scene chrome speed grilles for 06-07 Silverado(SS). The corner of one of the peices on the brake ductgrilles broke off but if your not picky it's no big deal. I'd be willing to sell everything and trash the brake duct grilles if someone was interested. I'd also consider trading for some billets.
    For all 5 peices $125
    For 3 peices not including brake ducts $100
    SHIPPING IS AT BUYER'S EXPENSE. I accept paypal or money order. Whichever is easier.

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