couple question bout a leveling kit

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    couple questions bout a leveling kit

    Im new to this site and i just picked up my first Chevrolet this past week, gota 2010 Silverado Z71. and im lovin it so far. i do have a couple newbie questions about a leveling kit tho, and before you flame me, i have searched everything i can find about leveling kits but have not found the info im after. i would like to level out the front end of my Z, or at least make it almost level, but i was wonderin if I put a 2" leveling kit on it, will i have to put longer UCA's on it? and will the angles of my CV axles or should I do a diff. drop on it? thanks in advance yall. will post pics soon..
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    you should be good with a rough country 2" leveling kit (which are fairly cheap like 72$) just take it in for a realignment and let them check to see if everything is still good to roll you shouldnt have any problems
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    thank ya thank ya...thats what i was thinking, but i wanted to see how it worked out for someone else that done it with the same truck before i went and done it to mine. preciate the info.

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