Cracked Dash and remote start

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by dock420, Apr 10, 2013.

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    Well I seem to have fallen victim of the "crack in the dash" syndrome. I had 2 cracks on the passenger side of the dash just forward of the airbag assembly. Dealership got me in the next day and had it repaired within a few hours. My service writer was telling me that the tech's that do this install have become rather proficient with this problem, and do about 3 a week. He didn't go into detail, but said that they keep "an amount on hand to satisfy the growing demand of this repair, for this specific body style". Is this problem really this prevalent?

    On a different note, I went ahead and purchased GM part #17801236 (remote start) and had the vehicle re-flashed. I love being able to start the truck from the house, and have the engine up to temp when I get in.

    I should add that the vehicle is a 2011 LT with the 5.3 engine. It did come equipped with the remote start prep package...
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    what did they charge you for the remote start and flash? Was the dash covered under warranty?
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    The dash was covered under warranty. I have a guy I work with who has a 2009, that has 60k on the odometer and they charged him $100 to do the same repair. They advised him that they are aware of the problem, and depending on the miles and year, they are prorating the fee for the repairs. All it takes is a visit or a phone call to the dealership......all they can say is "no".

    The key fob kit was $160 and I was able to negotiate down the re-flash cost. I walked out for $210ish with taxes on the product.

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