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    Kenny my friend how are you? You are most certainly correct about the dashboard problem remedy. I have a 2011 Silverado with no cracks at all. Simply because, as you mentioned, I put a dash cover on it a week after purchase. Maybe GM should have provided them with the purchase of a new truck? Seems it would have saved a lot of headaches and money. I got mine from LMC truck for about $39.00 a few years ago. The cheap plastic they use for the dash, GM calls it weight-saving material, is beyond cheap-looking. That's the first problem. The second problem, and I'm no expert, is that it seems the extreme "rake" of the windshield allows much more sunlight to hit the dashboard. This becomes apparent when trying to clean the inside of the windshield. It's much more pronounced than previous model years. But I could be wrong. Just buy a dash cover and you will be fine. Thanks, Kenny.
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    All is good here. My Toyota 4 runner has just had its dash replaced. The dash alone was $900, and then there is the labor. I am very glad my wife got on the recall list, and it did not cost us a dime. As for my 97 Silverado, well it is not very bad, and with the dash cover you can't see them, and they have not gotten worse. I keep saying I want to make a dash out of aluminum, but that would be a lot of work, to make it as nice as I would want it to be. We have everything I need to make one at work, an my boss would let me do it in my off time, but I am not ready just yet. My headliner will need to be done soon, and my brakes a just starting to squeel, so time for some new pads, but I am working tomorrow ( I have to replace 5 stainless steel lines at a milk co.) It should take about 1 hour per line, so most of the day, so maybe next weekend on the brakes. Good to hear from you.
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    You have cacks in your dash Kenny? I dont have any, my dash is perfect. I just wish my wife would keep her muddy shoes off of it. :) haha

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    I'll bet the heat down here has a lot to do with the cracked dash issues here. It is already starting to warm up here. 83F today. A car or truck parked in the hot sun in the middle of summer can get over 150 F Every summer some poor people looses there kid because they forget them in a hot locked car or truck, and the kid dies from the heat. It happens several times every summer. You would think, how can you forget you kid in the car, but with all the distractions these days with cell phones, or whatever, then throw in, on top of that, the day that Mom is sick and asks Dad to drop the kid @ day care, and he forgets. The kid falls asleep, and Dad or Mom walks away not remembering the kid in the car or truck.
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    Don't get me started about women and their dashboard seeking feet!
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    Man thats sad Kenny, it happens here to. We get the extreme temps from both sides, super hot in the summer and super cold in the winter but neither lasts longer than a couple months.

    LOL BeachBurban, did ya come up with a remedy? my wife threatens my life with her eyes whenever I say, "you know thats an airbag you have your feet on? And if something were to happen your legs are guna be wrapped around your head!"

    Ya she dosent budge. LOL.

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    So far my 2011 has no sign of cracking, It has never even seen the inside of a garage whether home or work it sits out in the sun, year round. Even here in Wisconsin it can get up to 140 inside during the summer and down to 30 below in the winter. with the air temp inside the truck at 140 I never measured the temp of the dash, I bet it is more, I know the steering wheel is more than 140. My hands are used to hadeling hot things and I can hold 140 in my hand, but that wheel in the sun is more than I can hold.

    As for feet on the dash, that is simply not allowed in my truck. I moved the passenger seat all the way forward and blocked it so that it can not move back, she does not have enough room to get her feet up there, told her the mechanism was broke, to expensive to fix.

    I tried to tell her that she can only put her feet up there if she is nekid, that only made my arm hurt..................
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    No remedy other than letting her drive if it gets particularly bad!
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    I discovered you guys by accident when I inquired about cracked dashes on my 08 Sierra. I had no idea they were this rampant. And I bought a dash pad 2 years ago after having 2 cracks. Didn't even inquire from the dealer because of out of warranty. I am the original owner and just attributed it to the Florida sun.

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