Craigslist/eBay crackheads

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by BurbanMan, Aug 26, 2013.

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    Wow. Hard to imagine they're getting that.

    What are some craigslist wins or fails that you've seen?
  3. BurbanMan

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    Anyone else seen some crazy for sale ads?
  4. Rocketmanh5

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    Plenty in my area...
    I'll go on craigslist later and find some but for now here are my past experiences.

    I buy and fix bikes so these are my run ins.

    Honda Rancher for sale $2200- went to look at it, was painted flat black, took it for a test drive and looked it over well, turned out to be my cousins stolen bike. Crack head down the road took it for drugs. Long story on getting this back.

    Yamaha Big Bear 1996 Model $650- went to check vin number guy said to have title to bike. Looked for vin number, guy informed me it was on the other side of the floor boards... idiot welded the frame pieces in backwards for the frame title he had.

    1987 Chevy- Said to be in perfect condition. Title in hand. No rust on fender corners. Seats in good shape. Said to be a daily driver that he drove to work every day. Drive to Vicksburg, MS to get the truck as for $1100 it seemed like a good deal since he sent pictures also and it looked clean. I arrive at arranged meeting place and see the guy also has a trailer with another '87 on it.. He gets out and starts telling me all about the truck on the trailer but the one I was informed and had pictures sent about was the one he was driving(still not the best shape as he explained). The truck on the trailer was horrible. I needed a tetanus shot just looking at it. Fenders rusted to pieces, no seats, no bed, frame was in horrid condition. 7.5 rear end was welded to the leaf springs to get it on the trailer(go figure on this idiot), and the motor in it was just sad. He started it and it had a knock bad. Valves, well it sounded like a bunch of metal in a blender. Needless to say I told him to quit wasting peoples time by tricking them into meeting him with the truck ready to buy it. As I get in my truck he says "sooo..your not going to buy it?" I just left on that note.

    Many to tell but not enough time.
  5. taggat

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    I buy and sell alot of older japenese motorcycles and its always the same story, young kids, spammers and crackheads.
    Its the only way I can afford to ride with my large young family so my free time is spent in the garage.

    Recently a guy had for sell a 76 honda cb550f for sale with title and it runs and rides as he advertised.
    I get there and its a kmodel not an f , he seemed to have lost the title and the its takes a little bit of time to get it fired up and running.
    I hop on to take it down the street and it flutters out with the twist of the throttle. Put the back of my hand to the header pipes and oohhh look its only running on two cylinders. So I asked him how firm are you on that 800 bucks? He says well... damn... I offered 200 bucks, well he took that. haha

    I try to steer clear of the CList and Feebay but you know... last ditch resources.
  6. summitwhite11

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    I am not much of an ebay guy, but I do buy/sell on craigslist, not a junkie, but I do enjoy the option, you just have to know what you are buying.
  7. Dana W

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    You got an old Ferrari? You need a thermostat housing? You got 795 pounds English money? What's that in dollars, about 1200? And that's the starting bid.

    Ebay listing.
  8. BurbanMan

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    defenitly an eBay crackhead lol

    I had a 90 Acura integra 4dr When I was still in search of a truck. Saw a cl as in delta, co saying he wanted to trade a 90 dodge ram charger for a Honda car or $800. No problem I love the ram chargers. I make the 2.5hr drive after extensive communication and flawless cooperation.
    He informs me that the front end is tight, it runs great and there is 0 rust. Perfect.

    I get there and the rocker is non existent. Ok. Ill humor him and drive it since the engine sounds great. I'm not even moving at 25mph and the front end is shaking, you have to turn the steering wheel 1/4 turn before it begins to turn. I'm less than 2 blocks away when I get out, taking the keys with me and walk back to him and my car. (Yes, I'm an a$$) I gave him the keys as he asks where the truck is. I told him "your death trap is 2 blocks down the road where I left it. You can go get that pos!" I got in my car with my wife and daughter whom he knew were coming with me and drove away.
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    Classic! Can't stop laughing! :rofl:
  10. BurbanMan

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    I dang sure wasn't laughing! Lol I am now, but that's beside the point!

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