Crankshaft Poition sensor

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    Hello everbody, I hate to sign up to your forums and jump right into asking questions, but today im going to be that guy!
    I have to 2001 gmc yukon xl, i beleive it has the 5.3L v8, two days ago it started running sluggish, i pulled over and stopped, and once it got into park, it stalled. then it decided that it would not hold at idle for over 30 seconds without stalling again. I hooked up the diagnostics reader and it said "too lean" and "crankshaft sensor error". in hopes of having an easy fix i purchased the crank sensor, and i cannot, for the life of me locate the sensor. i have purchased the chilton, and an online versoin of the tiltons manual, and they are vauge on the subject, to say the least. i have searched the internet hi and lo, and connot seem to find any answers that help.
    If anyone could describe to me where its located i would be forever in thier debt. also if you feel the need to be painfully descriptive, or have any diagrams i would be EXTREMELY greatful.
    Erik D.

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