crazy azz cross references for my van....

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by 77p20, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. 77p20

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    ok guys, if you should happen to go out and buy yourselves a sweet vintage p20 to restore, heres a little weird trivia for ya......

    a '77 p20 step van uses the gauge cluster for a 63-65 nova gt/chevy II, lol

    heres my speedo....right out of the nova.....

    heres my gauges, in idiot light form, and with needles.....

    can anyone tell me if this means a wiring harness from these year novas are what i will need to track down should i decide to replace it ??? at least i know the dash wiring is the same, lol......
  2. 77p20

    77p20 Member

    well, i didnt so much mean cluster as to the gauges themselves, the clusters are totally different
  3. stephan

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    That speedo looks like the same one they used in a '65 Chevelle too, but I don't remember the guages looking like that. X2 on Caddi & the wiring harness. '65 to '77 is just too many years different for a wiring harness to match up. Plus I doubt if the Nova harness would be long enough even if it did have all the right connectors & proper guage wireing.

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