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Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Talk & GM News' started by billnorman, Nov 28, 2011.

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    My cruise control stopped working last year on my 2007 Silverade x-cab. I know the problem is in the brake switch because if I kick the brake pedal to the side a few times it will work until I stop (use the brakes) and then to get it to work you have to kick the pedal sideways again. Anyhow, at a yard sale yesterday I met a guy with a 2008 GMC Sierra with the same problem, and he told me he has to do the same thing (kick) to get his working. I just want to know if any of you others have the same problem and solution, maybe it's a manufacturing defect. My brakes are new, and the reservior is full. Truck has 80,000 miles and that's the only electrical problem except for the passenger window won't go down, the alternator failed, the rear speakers were lousy and have now totally failed, and the map light won't work on the passenger side.
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    Brake switch is adjustable as there is a plastic threaded rod to move in and out, also kicking it will only damage it further. That is like a $30.00 part, although the TCC PWM also controls lockup which is in the valve body. A good scanner can tell you when the brake switch is open or closed.
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    I was going to ask, are your brake lights staying on as well? Could be as simple as the switch alignment, especially now since it's been "adjusted", or just a plain bad switch.
    I had a cruise issue with a friends car, no cruise. Figured out that if both side brake lamps are burned out or the wrong wattage, the cruise system is disabled.
    This instance her son had removed the lamps when the brake switch stuck on, after I fixed the switch he reinstalled the lamps. Well I wouldn't have thought you could install an 1157 lamp backwards, but he did it. Needless to say the cruise did not work after this was all completed.
    I started to look at it again a couple of days later, pulled the lamps to check the filiment because I thougth they looked too dim. Thats when I discovered he had put them in backwards.
    Installed them the correct direction and bingo. Bright brake lights and functioning cruise control again.
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    I was having the same problem in my 1999 Silverado. I went through all the wiring, fuses, removed and checked the multifunction switch, everything and i couldnt figure it out so i gave up. Then a friend of mine was following me home one night and he told me that everytime i hit a bump my brake lights would flash like i was hitting the brakes. All i did was replace the brake switch and i havent had a problem since!

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