cruise control not working

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by RATRODKING, May 6, 2012.

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    no didnt have to adjust nothing.

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    ok guys, i finally got around to digging deeper into fixing my cruise control.... still no luck.

    i installed my new brake light switch, and let me say, the engineer who designed this style of switch is an absolute fool.( cant say how i actually feel ). it took me 90 minutes to get the old one out and the new one in... what a real pain it was.
    got it in and got it adjusted..... but it did NOT fix my cruise control problem.
    i need some more help.... here is what i have as of now..

    i checked the 4 wires coming from the cruise control switch it seems to me to be good ?
    key on=blue wire hot
    cruise on=green wire hot
    press set/decelerate=brown wire hot
    press accelerate=yellow hot.
    so, all 4 functions on the switch are working, so my problem should not be the switch, correct ?

    kw70chevy said his problem was the "electro motor cruise control " box under the hood on drivers side firewall. should i try that next ?
    i took the cover off that box and it all looked new inside. checked the 7 wire plug that press fits onto the box, and all i have is one terminal that is hot when the key is turned on, and another terminal that is hot when i press the "set/decelerate" button. i could not get a terminal to go hot when i pressed the accelerate button, and i didnt check to see if one of the terminals would got hot when i pressed the brake pedal. (i just thought about that).
    any thoughts on what i should check or try next ?
    i might hit the local junk yard tomorrow on my way home from work to see if they have a control box that i could try out...

    thanks for any help guys... i really want my cruise con

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    update..... i now have my cruise control back to working... it was the cruise control switch afterall. i was checking the 4 wires right after they came out of the switch, when i should have been checking them at the end of the harness.... thats where i found that two of the 4 wires were not good, probably broken somewhere in the middle due to the tilting action of the column over the past 22 years....
    autozone wanted $139 and napa wanted $219... i got mine at rockauto for $45....
    thanks guys... onto the next project
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    I was right again!...haha :great:...glad you got it working again!

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    yep, you nailed it from the start...... thanks for your help man, i really appreciate it... until the next project

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