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Discussion in 'Chevy Cruze Forum' started by tbplus10, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. phoebeisis

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    That is odd?
    Is it a difference like 1 mpg- 51mpg vs 52mpg or more?
    I wonder why??
    Could it have anything to do with the soot filter?
    I know the trucks-and guess the cars- have particle filters that REQUIRE raw fuel be spewed into the exhaust-onto the filter-to get the soot hot enough to completely burn away
    When first instituted on the trucks in 2007-there was lots of bitching about lost FE??
    Now maybe maybe these little turbos produce less soot at 70 mph than 60 mph-so they don't have to waste fuel heating up the soot so it will burn away??
    Well-that is my best and only guess??

    Is Your wife is just reading the NAV systems mpg now-not doing the calculations at fillips?
    Are GMs nav mpg indicators "honest" ? Some are dead on-Prius sure isn't
    our Prius consistently LIES- shows at least 2-3 mpg better than calculated-yeah-for 78,000 miles-always 2-3 mpg more than actual-can't possibly be by accident!!(gets great mpg but I would prefer the truth)
  2. tbplus10

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    Not sure whats behind the mpg doing better at speed, I suspect after reading a few things its got to do with the final gearing. The difference has been as much as 6 mpg.
    All her calculations are by hand and notes, shes keeping a trip log with mileage, fuel qtys, prices, drive times, etc. Not sure why she started it for this trip.
    I think its got something to do with her mom insisting on paying for half the trip expenses, her moms a retired CPA and counts down to the penny.
    The Nav in my truck (2011) and her HHR (2008) are very close but not perfect, if you do the math by hand its usually slightly skewed to show better mileage, normally only 1-2 mpg difference.
  3. phoebeisis

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    Great she does it old school.
    Right those bean counters-big on precision.
    So in general GM navs only 1-2 mpg off-my prius 2-4 mpg too generous-everytime-so it is set designed to do that-no accident
    Sometimes 6 mpg better at say 70 than maybe 60?? Wow-that is odd-??
    My best guess would be something to do with those pollution controls- but that doesn't really make too much sense-since I think the particle filter cleaning burning is sorta on off-not constant-so you wouldn't get the instant differences like you get
    I will pass this on to the mpg forum
    PS HOT near DFW where you are?? Yeah it was hell on earth hot when we last went thru DFW- mid july 2008-over 100 degrees for a 200 mile swath-shreveport to Denton or so
    Never would have guessed DFW hotter than NOLA- but it is-terrible place in the summer!!
  4. tbplus10

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    The wife says the car cruises much better in the 70's, doesnt sound like its lugging, the trans in this car from my understanding has a very good gear spread so it doesnt shift back and forth a lot.

    DFW temps were high 90's last week ending the week with 2 days over 100, temps dropped to mid 90's for the wknd and projected for next week.
    Summer time we normally have temps around 100, just less humidity than Nola.
  5. stchman

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    A Prius will actually do 75MPH? When I rented a 2012 Prius in Florida on my vacation, it was lucky to get up to 75MPH. I drove the Prius like a madman and it got 44MPG.

    I have been really curious about the Cruze diesel, good to see it get great fuel economy. I kind of wonder if GM will offer more diesel engines in different vehicles.

    I watched a YouTube video where a guy drove from San Francisco to LA and back to SF on one tank of diesel. He averaged 49MPG.

    Apparently a GM engineer got 900 miles on a tank of diesel.
  6. phoebeisis

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    Stchman- would barely do 75 mph??
    Odd-pretty sure Prius are governed at 104 mph
    Doubt I've put our 2006 over 80 mph
    but from the way it accelerates at 70 mph-I have no doubt it will do the full 104.
    It is a very aerodynamic car.26 cd is the claim-so it doesn't need much hp to do 100 mph
    Heck not sure what hp it makes-maybe 120-130 hp?? In any case plenty enough to punch such a small aero car up to 104

    I wonder if that rental car was governed?? It wouldn't be too tough to chip it in some way so the top speed was limited to 80 mph The 2012 actually has a bigger motor 1.8 liter-more hp-so I have no doubt they can do whatever -104 mph- Toyota governs then at.
    Bet that rental-had some extra governing in it
    Our 2006 actually has decent enough zip accelerating from say 25mph to 60 mph-the immediate electric torque-nice boost.
    It won't accelerate anything like that turbo cruise- 8-8.5 0-60 in a 50+ mpg car is awfully good
    The TD Cruise will slightly beat the Prius in HY mpg-but in city mpg-the Prius can't be beaten
    but the TD Cruise-a LOT more fun-lot more ZIP- YEAH $20,000 for a TD Cruise-deal of the year!!
    TB is a Lucky so and so

    Speaking of which-trip over?? Any more MPG reports??
  7. tbplus10

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    She's still in Canada, wont be home until around the begining of August.
    They have over 7700 miles on the car now.
    She took it to the Chevy dealer in Campbell River B.C. for service at 7000.
    The dealership hadnt seen a TD Cruize yet so they took a little longer to do the service. They told my wife they wanted guidance/clarification from GM on a few things, I belive they wanted to show the car off to prospective TD Cruize buyers.
    They gave her a 2013 Camero convertable loaner for 2 days, when she came back to get her Cruze it was sitting in the showroom detailed and being shown like a new car.
    They tried to interest her in a straight across trade or trade and drop more money on a couple other new cars, including the Camero loaner. What I found funny was even used with 7k miles and damage on the r/r quarter they offered her a couple hthousand more than we paid for the car here in DFW.
    The dealership General Manager told her if she wanted to trade he already had her car sold, she declined and hung on to it.
    Mileage is still the same, even though its over the break-in period it hasnt climbed any but most of their driving for the last week has been around town. Next leg of their trip will have some long open highways so maybe we'll see an increase then.
  8. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Thanks for the update. The MPG is soooo good-wouldn't expect it to get much better.
    I think the claim is the tolerances and quality control is so good now a days-that you don't get the boost we used to get as rings slowly bedded in-and as high spots were worn off
    Yeah-right out of the box your TD was pegging it mpg wise-
    a 50 mpg highway trip-hard to beat.

    So they wanted that car huh-lotta TD fanatics out there-GM hasn't had a small car TD in the USA since
    NEVER?? Yeah they have been making them in Europe South American Asia for 30 years or more-for all size vehicles-very good vehicles
    Like you mentioned earlier-that motor is a well developed product-been in service for several years Europe maybe Asia too

    I bet they wanted that baby-tried to catch her eye with a flashy Convertible Camaro?? No surprise there-car sellers know their business-now a V-8 Camaro hardtop-would have tempted me?? No where near as "makes sense car" but it would have tempted me!! Convertibles in NOLA or DFW- too freakin hot!!
    Canadians buy more TD cars than we do-lotta TD trucks too.

    7700 miles already?? It will have 10,000 plus by the time it gets home?? Seattle
  9. tbplus10

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    They still have to go to Idaho, Montana, back down to Reno and Sacramento, Ca. then back across to DFW so 10,000+ wont be a surprise.
    I certainly underestimated their mileage when they left.The Camero was a baseline 6cyl convertable and Im sure with the weather in B.C. top down has limited times of the year so it makes sense to try and trade it off, only problm is we own a softop Jeep she drives in spring and fall so we got no need for another convertable here, like you said summertime ots useless with the heat we normally have.
  10. phoebeisis

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    Yeah 10,000 plus miles- 45-50 mpg-heck just 200 gallons or so
    I'm going to use about 180 gallons going 3000 miles to Flagstaff-and driving a few hundred city tourist miles once there
    Most pretty efficient cars would have used 300 gallons over that 10,000 miles-saving close to $400
    and for $20,000-you stole that car!!
    You need to buy that driver who dinged it a beer!!
    Well maybe not a beer-maybe a steak- he better skip the beer!!

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