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    I am new to this site so forgive my mistakes. I have a wrecked 92 dodge 3/4 ton 4x4 diesel. I am going to install this engine tranny and maybe axles into a 92 or up suburban. I am currently shopping for the burb. I have a ton of questions.
    No.1 what are the differences between the 1/2 and 3/4 ton burbs. Frames, suspention,etc.
    No.2 what is the best way to stick my dana 60 strait axle in one of these vehicles? Or am I all washed up, and this crummy looking IFS is better than it appears?
    I think I'll limit my querying to that for now, any help is much appreciated.
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    Sounds like you have your work cut out for you.
    I can't answer the question of the differences in suspension. I can tell you that the frame is boxed in the front for the 3/4 ton, and open for 1/2 ton.
    You'd probably want to go with the 3/4 ton frame

    Just curious what makes you question the capabilities of the IFS on these vehicles?

    I don't know anyone who's done the kind of conversion you're looking to do, but Mr Copenhagen may have some answers for you, as seems to be fairly knowledgeable with the cummins setups.
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    No.1 Go 3/4 ton, youll need the strength of the boxed frame and HD suspension.

    No.2 There are SAS kits on the market. What type off-roading you looking to do with this truck? GM IFS will take you a lot of places, I saw a lightly modified Suburban with IFS doing SledgeHammer a few years ago. And Ive seen some hihgly modified rigs with IFS do very well on other tough trails.
  4. cummins pwr

    cummins pwr New Member

    I really appreciate the info on the frame differences, I had suspected that I wanted a 3/4 ton truck but I couldn't find any positive proof to that effect.
    The main reason I want to ditch the IFS is it looks like a repair catastrophy. I know for a fact that the dana 60f that is in the 92 dodge is a very tough, low maintanance axle setup. I realize it will ride alot rougher than IFS, but I don't care for hub-bearing assemblys, axle disconectors,etc. that go with it. I found a company on the web (Off Road Direct) that sells a strait axle mount kit for $550, it looks very tempting.
    I don't have any wild off road plans, the plan is to stay as close to stock ride hight as I am able to.
    My goal is to build a tough, fuel sipping daily driver that might get to take me on a trek to alaska.
    I'll keep you all posted on progress, meanwhile if anyone hears of a burb with a fried engine/tranny and a good body let me know.
    P.S. another reason for the axle swap is to the best of my knowledge the only axle ratios avalible in 3/4 ton 4x4 burbs were 4.10 or somthing like 3.73? Very BAD ratios for cummins engines with 2700rpm govenors. And all the 3/4 chevys this vintage I have seen have semi-floater rear axles( not cool for all my trailer pulling). The dodge has a dana/spicer 70 rear axle with 3.54 gears.
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