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Discussion in 'Chevy Suburban Forum (GMC Yukon XL)' started by dfhollums, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. dfhollums

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    My wife's 1999 Chevy Suburban has the LS trim, front bucket seats and the center console. I am looking for another cup holder assembly that sits down inside the dashboard-end of the center console. Any suggestions?
  2. retired2001

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    You might try one of our member vendors: They support the site and have good prices.
  3. tm4hammer1

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    i have seen quit a few of them on e-bay! that and door handle components are pretty common items
  4. dfhollums

    dfhollums Rockstar 100 Posts

    Thanks for the info. I will take a look.
  5. dfhollums

    dfhollums Rockstar 100 Posts

    I contacted, but I had negative results.

    BLUBURBAN Rockstar

    The G.M. PART NUMBER you want is 12388413 which has been discontinued. However if you go to your local dealership and ask them to do a search for it they may find a few dealerships that still have it in stock and if you ask real nice they may even give you the stocking dealerships info so you can order it directly from them yourself.
  7. dfhollums

    dfhollums Rockstar 100 Posts

    Thanks for the information. I contacted a parts dept. of a local chevy dealer a week ago. I am supposed to call them back, I hope to do it today.

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