CURIOUS: What direction is the site going?

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by 08_rado_rocker, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. SurrealOne

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    Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner!!!

    Online forums are communities and people in communities tend to want to get to know one another. Perhaps Rado likes living in communities where neighbors don't take the time to get to know one another ... but most people just aren't built that way. Also, online forums/communities are ALWAYS slower in the summer, as people have lives.

    I won't go into Rado's posted project details versus the posted project details of some of the people who chat in the threads he's griping about; it might make him look hypocritical for even asking about whether people are working on projects.
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  2. TimTom64b

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    Hey... where you been. I have been cranking on mine. New headers (current), ram air hood, rims and tires, researching lift kits. I have been doing allot. People are limited by the budget... I have pretty much reached mine for the year for big mods. :( But will still be doing stuff here and there customizing my interior, rust proofing, etc. Keep checking back... I have a few more big things planned for next year... :)
  3. GMCErica

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    Okay, I know that everyone has their opinions and stuff, but lets just keep it calm. There are lots of things that we all want to say about things that other members do or aren't doing, or have done or haven't done, ROTM stuff and people that have won/not won, pictures and gallery items, signatures etc.. We all joined the site for different reasons; some of us joined for the social and community aspect, other friendships, and some technical only, but we all have the love of trucks in common. This is an opinionated thread, and it will strike members in different ways. But we are all apart of this GMTC family, and if you don't like the way the site is going then the option of finding a new site, maybe something that you look into.
  4. 08_rado_rocker

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    Who says you have to have a new truck to upgrade the 5.3? Diesel.. lol, they're just ridiculously expensive on EVERYTHING.

    Glad to have ya on the forum... I didn't get to see the thread about your pickup (most likely got frustrated with all the social butterfly crap cluttering up around it and logged off), but hope you got the issue solved.

    That's the problem to me... is even if someone has a concern, they aren't getting the response they need/desire, because of all the other random bs.

    You're not my neighbor, you're a truck enthusiast. Let's talk about trucks, rather than play games.

    The curiousity is killing me. Please, by all means.. show me the hypocracy in my projects?
    Parts for restoring the 01, finishing the suspension on Truck Norris... Like i said i was gonna do.
    The visuals (RST wing and roll pan) are being painted now.
    Well.. I can't give too much detail on this one... but it's a motor that will be in Truck Norris.
    ...I don't see anything hypocritical about my projects.. they're coming together.
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  5. 08_rado_rocker

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    Great idea
  6. ahmitchell1

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    I'm on svt performance as well as modular ford, full size Chevy and 67-72 Chevy trucks, they are all good forums. But no matter how good the content is on them sites like svt and full size Chevy have people constantly talking crap bout others people's ride, that's just rude. I'm 21 and have more manners than half the sorry people on there talking bad on others. This is the friendliest forum on the web and ive been on a forum for anything on wheels. Also. Every game we play on here is copied by most all the forums I am on. You won't ever get away from them.three reason for the Internet.getting information, interacting with people. And nudey pics since that is searched more than any other thing on the web. Anyways my point is no matter what forum you go to people will be interacting with each other. They'll play the games( I don't like all those games either but you know what I do. I don't look at them) and they are all living n the same economy. It's hard to do anything big right now. I cancelled the order on my front and rear fab four bumpers so I could rebuild my Daytona. Modt People just can't spend money on mods and vacations

    And about content im constantly working on protects but this is my main racing time of the year so I'm constantly working on my bikes and cobras. Like today I replaced the alternator on the convert. Which is the hardest alternator on this earth to remove. And the more you post the more people will jump in behind you and get a topic rolling
    And if you wanna help with a project I need to figure out which diesiel I should put in my next project a 65 burb. Also what suspension would be best for a family toter/fun in the mud go just bought anywhere kinda truck
    If u want I'll start posting my non gm projects as well and I can fill this board with problems

    Sorry lots of typos
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  7. Curky

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    Well for me, I joined the form because I had questions because this is my first truck. I have hardly done any work on my past cars myself. I never grew up with anyone that has. So, I never learned how to do these things. I am learning now. I do know a little, so I can only help a little on the form. I do point people in the right direction when I can. Witch I learned how to use the form by playing around here. Witch I probably would not have done if the cool people I meet answering my questions and playing games were not being a little personal. I also welcome people when they join because when I joined I thought it was SO cool that so many people welcomed me. I personally meet some real good people playing the games. Compared to past forums I have been on, this is the best because; people are friendly, there are not people ripping on each other (which is not tolerated here), great sponsors and staff. There is a lot of talk about making this site have more members and if it was talk only about your ride nothing personal or games. A lot of new members will ask there question and leave and come back twice a year. If you take the personal out of the form it would not keep members and loose quite a few.
  8. SurrealOne

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    Curky, this is spot-on and is an example of why I am as active as I am, here -- both project-wise and community-wise. This is both a forum AND a community -- with good people who are civil to one another (unlike other forums I've been on). It's not about GM trucks it's about people who love GM trucks -and- their trucks.

    Look at the site name: GMTruckClub. This is a club. People in clubs socialize ... about the particular interest to which the club is dedicated but also about other things. If you want a bland knowledge base full of only questions and answers -- then perhaps a club isn't for you. However, if you want a place full of people who all love GM vehicles and who are good to one another, then this is it.

    To put that into perspective, look at the Meets that Erica has organized without even being asked. ( The posts to do it are NOT about trucks, so they fall into your 'BS' category, too, it would seem.) Do you think only trucks will be discussed? No! Why? Because the meets aren't about trucks, they're about connecting people who love trucks. Sure, trucks will be a topic, but people will also discuss their dogs, military experience, significant others, brands of beer they drink, etc. I've done two NC-local mini-meets, here, already ... and it was NOT all truck talk at the meets. Certainly there was lots of it, but not all ... and I dare say not even the majority of the talk was trucks. The same is true on the forums -- people will socialize; it's a club.

    If you rely only on the newest forum post widget (or similar) then yes, you're going to miss things ... because people within a club are going to socialize. If, however, you go forum section by forum section and read new posts (as many here, do), you'll miss nothing. So it comes down to what's important to you, your contribution/committment to the club or your convenience. Expecting the world around you to change so that widgets have less 'BS' (as you put it) on them is not terribly reasonable in a club atmosphere...
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  9. GMCErica

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    [MENTION=50075]SurrealOne[/MENTION] thanks for the shout out! You know, I have been in the car scene for 15 years now, and as most of the members know I drag race and show my race car. I was one of the first girl racers in Ontario.. and still the clubs haven't changed much.. in 15 years.. it is a big community of diverse members; from the know-it alls, to the learners to the quick question to the enthusiasts, to the wish I had one. But the one thing in common is the love for the vehicle. I pride myself on staying connected with members and planning meets is something I love to do; I saw the need and went ahead. Sure, It may not be perfect (as this is the first one), but my love for trucks, gm/chevys and the want to be a good community member, okay.. my need to be in control and bossy!! LOL who are we foolin'.. but, the bottom line, is people expect things to be a certain way and get disappointed when it doesn't go that path.

    This is a cows point (moo-point) LOL, the direction of the club will be and will always be community based. I am sorry, that 'Rado isn't enjoying it as much as he would like, but this is the way the board is. I hope that he will continue as a member.
  10. SurrealOne

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    Any time, E. You've worked hard on the Meets and the newer folks might not realize that. There's a whole section of the site dedicated to them, at present -- that didn't exist and now does thanks to your efforts and the site management's desire to help you make them be a success -- not just for you, but for the community/club. I just wish I could go to the southern one... :(

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