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Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by ImpaledByLife, Jan 9, 2010.

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    I have a 95 Z71 parts truck that is in perfect condition. I got it with no title and the truck has a bad set of valves. Runs but that's not important as it doesn't have the title. I've used many things off of it including the engine wiring harness, a/c components, alternator, bucket seats were sold, winch, winch bumper, grille and bumper were traded for some headers, etc. Yes, all the parts that were used for my truck were for my other 95 Z71.

    My question is that I've got a friend that I'm going to donate the bed to. He's got an 85 4x4 and he wants to use my bed for it. We've seen this conversion done before and I'm a third semester welding student. I'm certified in SMAW all position fillet welds, SMAW all position open root V-groove welds, and SMAW all position v-groove with backing welds. SMAW is 'stick' welding. I'm also certified in FCAW (flux cored) v-groove all positions with backing, and FCAW fillet welds all positions. I'm also taking aluminium GTAW (Tig) multi plate, Open root v-groove GTAW carbon steel, GMAW (mig) fillet welds all positions and GMAW open root v-grooves this semester. My instructor has 20 years experience in the field and in fabrication shops. My point with this statement is to show that the expertise and tools are readily available.

    I've looked at it the same year truck without a bed on it and there is a hump on the chassis about midway where the bed is and that there are 2 rails that compensate for this at the front and rear of the bed compared to the bed on the 95 the chassis is completely flat. Also, the bolts that hold the bed on the 80 model go straight into the bed and the ones on the 95 bolt in from the bottom but bolt into brackets so they don't show.

    Anyone ever do this before or can offer some help would be very appreciated. Thank you.
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    Late model bed conversion on an early model truck

    I can't offer you any details on how to do it, other than to encourage you that it can be done. It sounds like you are equipped to handle the work. Here is a picture I snapped when I spotted a late model bed on an early model truck.
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    hey unplugged there is a truck like that here in town, but its white and it has the corvette taillights on the rear bumper of it, Ill take a picture and post it here one day...I drive by it almost daily but never thought about taking a pic...looks like they dont really take care of it though...
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    I agree, with the right tools, you can do anything! Good luck! I would like to see pictures when ya'll get it done. I bet it will look sharp!:glasses:

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