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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by Shakeablegoose, May 1, 2013.

  1. Shakeablegoose

    Shakeablegoose New Member

    I was wondering if anybody is interested in purchasing custom built performance parts that are better than other "store-bought" intakes and parts. I can build custom cold air intakes (single or dual filter setups), porting & polishing throttle bodies (service), and other services and parts like that. The cold air intakes consist of; intake tube(black, brushed, polished, or chrome), K&N or AEM racing filter, clamps, couplers (red, blue, or black), MAF adapter, and heat shield. *Pre-filter is available at an additional cost* All of these services and parts will be sold on eBay if there is a decent interest in these parts & services. My cold air intake will filter, perform, and sound better than other "store-bought" intakes and they are much cheaper! Post if you have any questions or if you are interested in these products. I take pride in my work and will stand by it!
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  2. Enkeiavalanche

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    May we see some pics of your work?
  3. Shakeablegoose

    Shakeablegoose New Member

    I don't have a pic of the throttle body at the moment, I will have to pull my intake off and take a pic when I can. This is a pic of the intake on my truck (2004 chevy silverado 1500) with a 4" piping. cold air intake.jpg

    - - - Updated - - -

    I am using the best filter on the market, it flows a lot more air than the filters that come with the other kits and has great filtration.
  4. dobey

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    Do you have test data that shows that? Or is this just the standard marketing that K&N says, and which you are repeating? Most any filters of the same type and construction will flow approximately the same amount of air.

    Also, what is "cheaper" by your standards? How much is that CAI kit? Are you only producing the "heat shield" kits, or are you planning to make fully sealed systems too?
  5. Shakeablegoose

    Shakeablegoose New Member

    Right now only "heat shield" kits but I am looking at doing sealed systems, and right now I am thinking about $200 for a polished kit without pre-filter for a 99-05 silverado 1500. That is subject to change with different model vehicles, options of piping, and shipping costs. I will have a final price by this weekend for the different options as I am very busy until then.
  6. Shakeablegoose

    Shakeablegoose New Member

    Final Pricing is done! There are 2 levels currently for 1999-2007 Silverado's with the 4.8L, 5.3L, and 6.0L! I can build custom intakes for any vehicle, just let me know what; year, make, model,and engine size. Available options; Choice of coupler colors(red, blue, black), K&N pre-filter-(+$30). Basic: ($175 + S&H), consists of; polished piping, couplers, MAF adapter, Special K&N Racing filter, heat shield(black), and clamps. Plus: ($215 + S&H), consists of; piping(black or polished), couplers, MAF adapter, Special K&N Racing filter, heat shield(red, blue, black), and clamps. IN R&D (Available soon) - Premium: ($350 + S&H), this is a one-of-a-kind dual filter setup that has never been produced, it consists of; polished piping, couplers, MAF adapter, Dual K&N Racing Filters, heat shield(red, blue, black), and clamps. --The Premium package has one filter in the regular spot(in picture on forum) and one filter going down into the bumper. I am still working out the fitment, design is already done.
  7. kinson33

    kinson33 Member 1 Year 100 Posts

    Looks identical to the one I purchased on eBay with the k&n filter, and I can say I like the way it's performed for me so far. No dyno tests but +1mpg

    Actually have a photo of the air intake setup in my garage
  8. Shakeablegoose

    Shakeablegoose New Member

    They are different and I use a better filter than what they do. While they are both k&n filters, theirs is just a standard "performance" filter while mine is a racing filter that flows more air and filters just as good. I have seen the ones on eBay and mine have more options as far as customization and power gains. Also I am the first one to produce an actual custom dual filter setup for these trucks.

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