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Discussion in 'Programmers & Tuning' started by 2012Chevy, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. 2012Chevy

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    Hey Guys l went to MGS Custom Tune last year in Coutice Ontario Canada had him tune my 2008 Duramax . They did a great job on my 2008 Duramax Performance tuned, Air Intake,Exhaust l decided to bring my New Truck 2012 5.3 to them wow great job they spent 4hr on truck Data Logging and Tweaking tune. Great place to go if your in GTA Toronto Area just my personal experince
  2. Falcone

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    How much did your tune cost? Also is there a programer in your truck now? So you can change your tune yourself? From like 89-91 tunes or econo tune etc?
  3. 2012Chevy

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    Custom Tune

    They just do one good safe map for the truck or car. I am not sure how some tuners can do multiple tunes in one day MGS can spend as much as a day on one truck depending on the modification I can only speak for myself l am very Happy with the results I know they also tune for superchargers cams ect One day l was there they were tuning a 1999 Firehawk with a LS6 swap and a Vortec Supercharger from a 1996 LS1. l talked to the owner of the car he was very happy with the results after a year of using other shops MGS nail it down in a day for him and could finaly drive the car with out issues and great power ontop of it.
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    I live in Cobourg, and guys here also talk of the same place and how greater their trucks are afterwards !!! Brian form Cobourg, Onatrio

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