Custom Tune - What is a custom tune and what does it do? Defiintion

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by ProzacKid, Sep 15, 2009.

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    Can I get a precise definiton for what exactly a Custom Tune is, and what is it not?

    How does it work, what process is done, what settings are changed, who can do the work, what effects will take place?

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    Exactly. Just email Justin or Jenna and they will answer everything for you. Both are great people to deal with. I have had the blackbear tune for a year. Had him tuen the truck before it was a month old.
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    I was looking for more for a definition posted here instead of having to go to another site, helps to eliminate bias.

    I found one on Wikipedia actually.

    So if you look at that last sentence, it shows the two most common ways to upgrade the ECU ... what makes a custom tune better than a plug-in module? Can someone site specific examples with evidence to support the claim? Simply saying that a custom tune is "better" isn't good enough, I need some facts on exactly why it is better.

    Here is another article on the overall theory of tuning an engine.
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    If you really want to see the depth of "custom tuning" check out, you can download the software for free and see all the tables that are able to be altered/tuned. :great:

    Basically, if you provide a tuner with all the info on your vehicle, they should be able to build a tune specifically for you.

    A programmer on the other hand, grabs an average of all the vehicles that match yours, and provides a "best guess" tune. The programmer doesn't change as many parameters as a "custom tuner" would.

    So basically you have a few options:

    Programmer/handheld- "cookie cutter tune" (doesn't take many modifications into account)

    Traditional Mail Order Tune- you provide info on your truck (ie. towing, desired shifts, modifications)

    Cable Tune- not sure how many tuners offer this, but we provide hardware that will record/log your vehicle as you drive, basically mimicking an inperson tune. The logs will be provided to the tuner, for a tune to be built off of. The hardware will also allow for you to perform the crank relearn on the tuned PCM that is sent out.

    Inperson/street tune- a tuner will drive along with you and make tune changes on the fly as you drive

    Dyno tune- we recommend a load bearing dyno for this sort of tuning as you will get the optimal data. Tunes are devised based on the data that the dyno is feeding back.

    EFILive should be releasing their AutoCal programmer (will allow for tunes to be uploaded on the fly) soon.

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