Customizing bowtie on a tahoe

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by Kate86, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. Kate86

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    Ok, I want to make the bowtie on my tahoe either pink or camo. I know pink is girly, but i'm a girl so its ok :) Does the bowtie come off? or do i have to paint it while its still on? also does anyone have any other ideas besides painting it? Thanks ya'll :)
  2. Cody115

    Cody115 Rockstar

    All the aftermarket bow ties I've seen have been decals over the original one. A friend of mine has a trailblazer ss and he ordered his bow ties from
    I will be ordering one from motorcityvinly here soon. They turned out pretty good.
  3. Springthing

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    Welcome to the GMTC.

    Yes, the bowtie should come off... it's all a matter of getting in there and doing it. What year 'Hoe is it?

    I've seen a lot of decals for bowtie emblems. Really, you don't even need all that. If you are feeling somewhat handy you can just get any decal and cut it to size. It would be as simple as picking up a decal/sticker, placing it over the bowtie and stretching the corners into place, then cutting around the outside edge of the emblem (where it is not noticeable when reinstalled). I've seen sticky decals anywhere from outdoor stores (camo film, window covering, etc) to Walmart to, of course, auto parts stores.

    If you want to go pink, that should be easily attainable. Just get yourself some flat white spray paint and pink spray paint, prep the surface correctly, and put on both colours. The white base coat will help bring out the pink in the top colour.

    Remember to come back and post pictures once you are done! Not too many 'girlie' trucks on here!

    Have a look at this thread here, it may help make up your mind as to what steps to take.
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  4. Never Enough

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    I love or camo....two complete oposites...but it doesnt have to be. Why not go pink I believe the bowtie comes off on your Tahoe. Get behind the grill, or reach your hand in there. There should be two posts coming through the grill shell that are attached to the bowtie. On those plastic posts are some self threading nuts. Pull the grill shell if need be and grab dem nuts with a pair of plyers and turn them lefty-loosy. Bowtie should come off no problem. This is the way it was on both of my Silverados I've had.

    Pink Z71s to
  5. common dude

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    remove the grill shell and there are like 2 screws that hold it on. it is probably harder and more time consuming to try to just fit you hand in there than it is to take it all off.
  6. Chevy Girl

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    Did you get this done? Just checking, looks like a good project.

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